Monday, April 23, 2012

Recovery Week

Last Monday was a full-on recovery day. I laid in bed all day with ice on my ankle, and periodically had Blondie bring me some food. That night, we decided to head out to dinner so that I could see how walking felt. We slowly (I'm talking 15 minutes to go 1 block) made our way up to one of our local bars, and got a bite to eat along with a beer. And then slowly made our way back. It felt okay. I was moving very very slowly, but I'm glad I got some movement in as opposed to being a slug all day.

Monday night, I got called for work - even though I took the day off. They are upgrading one of our systems, and had scheduled a mini release (without telling anyone from my division). So when it went bad, I got called. As soon as I heard the issue, I knew it was a showstopper, but still had to call some people in to hear the problem so nobody would be shocked on Tuesday. That was 45 minutes of no fun.

Tuesday was the final launch of my project. I took a cab into work, which I would've had to do anyway b/c steps weren't something I was about to try. I got into work at 5:45 am, and was just gearing up to dial into the 6 am call when my boss came by. Apparently, the release got rescheduled until 8 am, and since I wasn't at work, I missed the reschedule. She missed b/c she gets a ton of email each day. We chatted for a bit, before heading out to grab breakfast around 7 am. The call went suprisingly well - and I cheered around 10 am as that's IT. FINITO. I took off at 2 pm as I was very tired and my ankle was still giving me problems. I tackled the subyway stairs - got lapped by a guy with a cane (no joke). It took me 5 minutes to get down 20 steps. Step 1 foot. Breathe for a sec. Bring 2nd foot very slowly to meet first foot. Try to put first foot down without bending leg. Breathe for a sec. Repeat x 20. Blondie met me at our poison bar that afternoon - I needed to celebrate the release/project being done. We had many frosties to celebrate before heading over to our regular bar to end the night. Both of us were toasty, and Blondie made me some pizza for dinner, which I had to "get rid of" before I even went to bed that night. Go us.

Thursday was a pain in the butt for various reasons. I won't go into work details, but let me say, sometimes working for the type of company I work for in the city I work in can be a ginormous ball of suck. Still though, I'm grateful to have a job. Very grateful. So I sucked it up, but the day started off weird, and didn't show any signs of improvement. My boss finally came by around 4:30 and we left early to get ready for a going-away party for a good friend of ours. I was out until 8:30 pm ish helping my friend celebrate, and then cabbed home that night. 2 cabs in 1 week! That never happens.

And Friday was blah. Got told about an issue on Friday morning, so filed all appropriate "oh halp!" tickets I needed to. Tried to ping my boss who was tied up in a meeting with no idea how long it would go, so left to take a lunch with my friends. Got back an hour later, and the place was in uproar about the issue. I calmed everyone down, filled everyone in on the details, and then locked myself in my office until it was time to go home. But it was nice then, as when I was walking up to my building that night, I noticed Blondie hanging over our balcony drinking a beer. So Blondie and I shared many drinks on our balcony that night, got caught up on our week, and then went to bed early.

 Saturday we both did a workout - my first since the half marathon. Then we went and got some mexican food. Our little restaurant is so good, but this time, there was a couple with 2 kids they couldn't control so we ate fast and bolted. We decided to hit up another bar we don't normally go to on the way home - they have massive windows at the front that roll up, so we snagged a seat there and started people watching and having a beer. Then some guy brought his kid in, and the kid just wasn't having any of it (this kid must've only been about 12-14 months old). First off, the guy kept talking to the kid like he was a dog ("Who's a good boy? That's my good boy!"), and then he made the kid take off his cap, and the kid just went beserk. So then he pulled the kid out of the bar, right in front of the windows Blondie and I were in front of and let him have his tantrum there. We decided our luck was over, and just left.

That night my bar friends called, and they were out at the local biergarten, so we headed over there for several pitchers of beer and apps, before hitting up our regular bar to watch part of the Rangers game (no kids in either place. Blondie and Yours Truly - FTW!  As a note - I don't mind kids AT ALL.  My brother, and my siblings-in-law have kids and I truly adore the shit out of them.  It just felt weird on Saturday as our neighborhood - especially our avenue - is not the traditional family neighborhood in NYC.  But pinky swear - I'm not anti-kid by any means.  And also, asshole, don't treat your kid like he's a dog.) Afterwards, a trip to Dunkin and CVS for junk before heading home to watch some eps of Breaking Bad.

Sunday, it was pouring down rain, so we met up with our bar friends again at Pony Bar - there was a group of 6 of us, drinking beers, eating awesome food, and just enjoying the weather from inside. It made me realize I have "family" in NYC and it made me truly grateful for yesterday. I was very sore from my workout on Saturday so decided to skip working out on Sunday and just recover (again). Plans for this week including NOTHING. I need some downtime, some good workouts, and some great sleep. Blondie is in agreement.


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