Monday, May 07, 2012

Last 5 day work week for awhile

Last Sunday ended up being just what the doctor ordered. I got our groceries and then did a nice workout. Picked up a bunch of our packages from the concierge desk. Picked up a prescription. Picked up some stuff for our cat. Got a much needed pedicure. I felt like a rock-star at that point. I had done a ton of shit and it wasn't even noon.

Pony Bar was also a lot of fun last weekend. Blondie and my bar friends came out, and we had a blast. Blondie was super sleepy though and him and one of my bar friends took off about midway through the afternoon to get naps. My other bar friend and I stayed out until around 7:30 pm ish, and had a nice girl's afternoon to end the day.

The week was blah. I have no other word to describe it. It felt like every day took 3 days to get through. On Tuesday, we had a happy hour to celebrate a promotion of a friend of mine. I was so exhausted by the time Tuesday ended I could barely drag myself to the bar. I had a single glass of champagne and then trucked on home to go straight to bed.

Thursday was another happy hour - this time for someone's send off. I didn't have the energy to even think about going. Instead I headed back to my hood, stopped off at our local to say hi to Blondie and my bar friends, had 2 beers, went home and went to bed at 8 pm. Totally pathetic.

When 6 pm on Friday hit, I almost cried in relief. I now have 4 weeks of 4 days or less of work in them coming at me. My relief is intense. I headed home on Friday almost giddy. Met up with Blondie at our apartment and had many beers to end our evening. Saturday was a repeat of Friday night - we ended up having beers on our patio for awhile, before Blondie went to bed early. I was up until after midnight though - couldn't get to sleep.

Yesterday was Sunday Funday. Met up with our bar friends at Pony Bar, spent the afternoon there and rounded out the evening by stopping at our biergarten for a couple of pitchers and a sausage platter. Then we hit up CVS to buy 5 tons of junk food. Then we came home and passed out. At 7:30 pm. We RULE!

Plans for the week include meeting up with an SF friend today for lunch. Then we're laying low this week as Friday morning Mr Pooh lands for a weekend of debauchery! We'll be celebrating the Blonde One's birthday on Saturday so we'll need to be rested up and ready to go.

Workouts were AOK this week:
Sunday: P90X Kenpo
Monday: Insanity Max Recovery
Tuesday: 30 Day Shred Level 2, Bob's Bootcamp Level 1
Wednesday: Ran 3 miles in 36:49
Thursday: Insanity Core Cardio and Balance
Friday: rest
Saturday: Ran 3 miles in 35:12, P90X Stretching
Sunday: Insanity Max Plyo


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