Sunday, October 28, 2012

Avoidance of the Gym

Right now, I'm doing exactly what the title of this post states. I managed to get myself out of bed around 9:30 am (which is honestly about 2-3 hours later than usual), drag myself out to the living room, plop my ass down, and not move for the last 45 minutes. I'll definitely work out today, but finding the motivation to start is going to take awhile apparently. Also, the cat is sleeping on my legs which are a little sore from yesterday, so it feels really good - and is definitely contributing to the "why do I have to move?" feeling I've got going on.

Last Sunday was my typical Sunday. I went and got my workout on, and then drug myself up to get a pedicure. I normally LOVE my pedicures - but this time I got a new lady (I think she was new). She was extremely rough, forgot half the steps - which I had to remind her about, and just generally made it so that the hour I was there was not a good hour. My toes look good though - but everything else just drove me nuts. After the pedicure, I was supposed to meet my bar friends for lunch, but I was extremely hungry at that point and they were still deciding where to go, so I just went home and ordered in food with Blondie. And then took a long nap. And then finally headed back out and met up with my bar friends at Pony Bar for several drinks.

Pony Bar was awesome last Sunday - when we came in, we immediately ordered beers, and before we had gotten half of the beer down, the bartender told us next rounds were on a gentleman in the back part of the bar. Apparently, the Walk for the Cure had happened last Sunday, and a bunch of walkers had taken over a large part of the bar (I was oblivious, and it certainly didn't feel any more crowded than normal). Anyway, one of the walkers asked the bartender to buy all the regulars a round on him. To quote our bartender: "You guys are in here every Sunday, sooooo drinks on that guy!" I love that I'm a regular at 3 bars around my house, whereas in SF and TX, I wasn't a regular anywhere.

The week was an incredible week to be honest - every day flew by. It was one of the fastest weeks I've had in a long time (except for Friday from about 3:18 pm onwards - 3:18 pm is when I happened to glance at the clock, and then I swear time ground to a halt). On Thursday, we had our last major code launch of the year, and it went fairly well. Afterwards, my BFF from work and I headed to lunch to celebrate being done. It's been a long year - and 2012 has been kind of shitty, so finishing up the last major code launch felt like a ton of weights lifted off my shoulders.

I took off early from work that day and took a bunch of cupcakes from my favorite bakery home to Blondie. We decided to take some of the cupcakes to the bar (as I truly bought a lot), so we headed over to spend the evening at our local spot, and just got caught up with everyone and enjoyed the evening.

Yesterday was spent doing nothing. I went to the gym in the morning, and then we watched TV all afternoon. Today we are waiting for our groceries to be delivered. And I might head to Pony Bar. And I might not because it's supposed to start raining in a few hours - the start of Frankenstorm Sandy.

This week should be a good week. I have to work Monday-Wednesday, but I'm curious how things play out because they are already talking shutting down MTA in the city. Which is how I get to work. Frankenstorm is supposed to nail us starting Monday night. We're watching our building friends' dogs this week also as they are both out of town - so it's up to their floor a couple of times this week to make sure the dogs are all good (a daschund and a chihuahua). And I have Thursday and Friday off this week - more on that to come, stop back by later on this week for details. SF trip is in 2 weeks, and we get a visit from Bbbb starting this coming Saturday! A lot of exciting plans!

Still keeping the workout train moving forward:
Sunday: 46 mins on bike - 2 mins level 6, 2 mins level 12, 5 min cooldown; weights
Monday: P90X Legs&Back
Tuesday: 30 min hill interval - 2 mins walk at 4.1 mph on 0% grade, 2 mins run at 5.3-5.7 mph on 3% grade, 5 min cooldown
Wednesday: Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance
Thursday: 3.1 mile speed interval - 36:23 - 2 min walk at 4.1 mph, 2 mins run at 5.8-7.0 mph, 5 min cooldown
Friday: Insanity Cardio Recovery
Saturday: 3.1 mile run in 35:43 (not on downhill treadmill!), 5 min cooldown; weights
Sunday: does sitting on my ass count as a workout? Either Precor or Yoga but haven't decided


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