Sunday, October 21, 2012

Good Day To You

Last Sunday didn't quite go as planned. I took my time being lazy after writing my blog post, and didn't get out of bed in time to go get a pedicure. So my feet looked like crap this week. But at least it's getting cooler so I kept my toes covered all week. Instead on Sunday, I finally got my ass out of bed, and drug Blondie with me around 1:30 pm to meet my bar friends at Pony. We spent the afternoon eating, drinking and chatting, before Blondie took off to get a nap in. My bar friends and I then moved down the street to another bar, and spent a few hours shooting darts there before calling it a day. I got home on Sunday night, said hi to Blondie and went straight to bed. Not a bad way to start/end a week.

My week was a weird week to be honest. Some good parts, some not good parts, some "what the fuck" parts.

Monday was "eh". I had a side system launch I had to be on a launch call for - which took 6 hours out of my day. The call went okay, but 6 hours on a headset really does a number on you. I felt stiff and sore by the time the day was down, but really happy that everything had gone okay. I didn't even get to catch up with my friends at work because of being on the call all day - so while the day went fast, it was super boring.

Tuesday was "good". Tuesday is one of my busiest meeting days and normally I hate it, but I had an unexpected break on Tuesday when one of my meetings cancelled, so my friend and I went to lunch (I'll be honest - I also blew off a non-cancelled meeting to do this). We spent about 1.5 hours out of the office, generally snarking on whatever came to mind. When I got back to the office after lunch, I also went ahead and booked my tickets out to SF. I had been going back and forth about whether I should go, but finally decided I would. I also managed to convince Blondie to come with me for a few days, so we'll be heading out on a Saturday in November, hanging with Shelbs and Bbbb for the weekend, seeing our SF friends on Monday, saying goodbye to Blondie on Tuesday, and then I'll be coming back on Thursday. It will be a nice mini-vacay with the Blonde One and I'm truly excited for it.

Wednesday was "what the fuck". One of my favorite people (not one of my BFFs, but just a good guy - awesome developer) gave his notice. It was a really sad day because he announced it very first thing in the morning. It took the wind out of my sails. And then I had to get back on a launch call for another 6 hours to finish up the launch from Monday. So I sat at my desk, a little depressed, on an extremely boring call for 6 hours. What the fuck indeed.

Thursday was "not good". The day started off with a meeting where someone announced that a problem we've had for awhile, that the technical teams didn't think was customer facing, was in fact, customer facing. So we spent the morning trying to figure out how to deal with that. They left it up to me to break it to the business that this was the case, which made me angry. Topped that off with another meeting which left a bad taste in my mouth, and still feeling blah about the person who had given notice on Wednesday, and I locked myself in my office for the afternoon for all my calls (normally I take calls with my office door open, but not on Thursday). I finally came out late afternoon after my calls were done, hung out in my BFF's office for awhile, and then called the day a disaster and left.

Friday was "eh". The weather was completely shitty on Friday (pouring down rain, not chilly but completely humid which made you sweat like crazy) so just trying to wake up on Friday morning was horrific. And the day went slow. The good part was that I found out that both of my BFF's will be in SF the week that Blondie and I are in SF. So work at least will be fun. The bad part was I just wanted my bed. Friday was a 3 cup of coffee day. I came home on Friday night, and Blondie was out (he had been at an all-day mobile gaming convention and had stayed out with some people he had met there), so I just watched my crappy TV shows, ate some eggs, and then crawled into bed.

Saturday made up for Friday big-time. It started with me getting on the scale - I've been super good about watching my food and working out, but I still dread weighing myself. I talked myself onto the scale on Saturday, and saw a number which is extremely low for me - making it around 30 lbs I've lost since August. I came dancing out to the living room in my underwear (yay for Blondie) and was just generally happy. I then headed to the gym and spent about an hour down there, before coming back up to the apartment to finish my workout. Blondie spent the afternoon working on something, and made HUGE progress, so around 4 pm, we decided to take the rest of the day and just enjoy it. We ordered some food, cuddled, watched TV, made a junk food run (pretzels, frozen yogurt), saw a girl puking in our lobby after our junk food run, watched more TV, and went to bed around midnight.

Today Blondie is going to finish up what he was working on yesterday, and I'm about to head to the gym. I will be getting a pedicure today as my toes are disgusting. And possibly I'll meet up with my bar friends at Pony this afternoon.

Monday: P90X Shoulders&Arms
Tuesday: 30 min hill run; 2 min walking at 4.1 mph on 0% grade, 2 min running at 5.3-5.5 on 3% grade, 5 min cooldown; little bit of weights
Wednesday: Insanity Core Cardio and Balance
Thursday: 3.1 mile speed work run; 2 min walking at 4.1 mph, 2 min running at 5.8-6.5 mph (37:22), 2 minute cooldown
Friday: Insanity Max Cardio Recovery
Saturday: 3.1 mile run in 36:03 (not on downhill treadmill!), 5 minute cooldown; little bit of weights; P90X Ab Ripper X
Sunday: ??? Headed to the gym - not sure if I'll bike it or elliptical it.


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