Sunday, April 14, 2013


Last Sunday, Blondie and I hit up Pony Bar for lunch - we split an oyster and bacon sandwich, and a pulled pork sandwich; and I had a couple of beers to round out my lunch. There has been a trend lately (actually, I know nothing about beer other than the fact that I love to drink it, so this "trend" might've been around for a long time) of brewers finishing their beers in bourbon barrels - and holy shit, Anytime I see "stout" combined with "bourbon barrel", I kind of lose my mind. So yes, last Sunday, I had several of those.

And then Blondie and I wandered up to 9th Ave to do something we've been talking about for years. We bought a new bed. When we lived in TX, we had a ginormous house filled with stuff we didn't need. And I had a bit of a hoarder mentality. Since leaving TX, we've lived in considerably smaller and smaller places (see the 500 sq ft shoebox we live in now) and have had to let go of more and more things. And I realized that I kind of like it. I like not being tied to things so much. I'd rather have my memories, my husband, my cat and a life that I truly like. I had pushed back on buying a new bed because we already had one, but Blondie finally talked me around. We downsized from a king to a queen - giving us a TON more room in our bedroom, and we forked over the cash for a tempur-pedic mattress. We also ditched our headboard and footboard. I've slept like the dead since the thing got delivered (Tuesday). I don't feel Blondie toss and turn (he's a restless sleeper) and I feel like I'm making up on the massive sleep debt I constantly live under from my sleep issues. It's been awesome.

The week was good - fast again - but good. I kept it very low key this week as I've wanted to live in the bed since we got it delivered. Work again was a "blink and it's over" type scenario. And I got some really good news this week - a few weeks after I started at my new company, I had done technical support for a sales call (when they shipped me out to the NJ/PA border). The SVP that I had gone with stopped by my desk on Thursday to tell me that the place we had done the sales call for wanted to buy - they had called earlier that week and were ready to start negotiations. The SVP told me that a lot of it was because of my help - it really wasn't, but I thought it was really cool that the SVP took time out of his day to come over and thank me.

Friday we pushed a release out - and the day was spent dealing with that. One of our 3rd party tools that we need to deploy code had crapped out earlier in the week and they promised it was fixed, but it wasn't. So all day I sat at desks other than my own, working on manual steps to get things pushed out. I literally think I was physically at my desk for about 12 minutes on Friday.

I met Blondie on Friday night at our local bar for dinner and some drinks; we caught up with one of our friends and played some music on the jukebox. It was a nice low-key night. We came home afterwards and popped Anchorman in "Scotch, scotch, scotch, down my throat!" Yesterday we hit the gym, and then went grocery shopping. Afterwards, we headed out and got little tacos for lunch and just enjoyed wandering through our neighborhood. We put in Skyfall last night (Daniel Craig, squee!) and then fell asleep watching Scott Pilgrim (in our fabulous new bed). And today has been a trip to the gym. I'm going to go get a bright red pedicure, and then we're heading back to Pony Bar for lunch.

This week my plans include meeting up with an old coworker from the SF office for dinner on Wednesday. And that's it. "Lame. Everything's lame".

Monday: Insanity Cardio Recovery
Tuesday: 8 miles on bike in ?? (can't remember) - 2 mins level 7; 2 mins level 12; 5 min cooldown
Wednesday: 2.5 miles in 31:47; 5 min cooldown; weights
Thursday: 30 Day Shred - Level 1
Friday: 2.5 miles run in 31:22; 5 min cooldown
Saturday: 10 miles on bike in 41:30 ish - 2 mins level 7; 4 mins level 12; 5 min cooldown; weights
Sunday: 2.5 miles run in 30:28; 5 min cooldown; abs


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