Monday, March 03, 2014

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Okay - let's chunk this recap up slightly differently this week and start with "the work". I thought 2 weeks ago was the craziest week I had ever lived through, but it turns out that wasn't true. I know this because LAST WEEK was the craziest week I've ever lived through. So yeah, no matter how insane it gets, it can always get worse. Glass half full or empty? Whatevs. It just sucked.

I was back out in NJ every single day last week and didn't spend the night a single one of them - which meant a 5 am alarm, 6 am train every freaking day. Which would've been better, had say, things gone well. But they didn't. We uncovered a series of issues last week and I've never been so grateful and so sick to my stomach to be onsite in my life. Since I was there, I was able to help mask and mitigate the issues appropriately but we still haven't resolved them. Every single day was a terrifying and humbling experience. And that was work.

The better news was I got to see 2 of my siblings-in-law last week! Blondie's sis showed up on Sunday, after I had gone to bed for the day, but I trucked out of NJ on Monday and met up her with her and Blondie for dinner up the street and a few drinks. It was so good getting to see her - she's in a great place in her work life and getting to see what she's been up to was actually quite thrilling. After we did dinner, the 3 of us headed to Winchester and the planned "1 drink" turned into 4 (which made Tuesday morning be a giant boooooooo). I said goodbye to her on Monday night as she had a Tues afternoon flight back to the state she lives in.

And on Thurs morning, Blondie's bro showed up for a weekend of debauchery! He had such a blast when he came for Blondie's bday last year that his wife actually bought him tickets out to NYC for Xmas! He showed up on Thurs and Blondie and him spent the day poking around in our hood. I got home on Thurs night and we ordered in pizza and had some beers, and then I crashed out around 8 pm. Friday, the 2 of them did some touristy things while I worked all day but then I met up with them in the NYU area after I got back to NY. We ended up at one of our favorite beer bars in that area, and drank for several hours there before heading back to Winchester to finish out a pretty late evening.

Saturday I got up pretty early with a bad headache (cheap beer headache) and ended up working out for a tiny bit to cure the thing - it was one of those headaches that I knew would take 3 hours to get rid of with Aleve, or a 15 min workout would cure it immediately. And I sucked it up and did about 30 mins in the gym. And the headache was gone. Blondie and his brother went out that afternoon to do a few things in our area, while I collapsed in bed napping and watching TV. For dinner, we ordered in pizza again and were watching movies and drinking beers, and trying to rally to get to the bar, when Blondie's bro got a phone call that his flight back had been cancelled. Instead of his 3 pm flight, he was put on a 6 am flight back on Sunday. Which stopped our festivities immediately due to the 3:30 am wakeup call the next day.

And on Sunday, I met up with my bar friends at Pony and drank the day away there. I left the bar around 5:30 pm, fully expecting my site to snow out today b/c of super snow storm Titan. So I drank more than I should. I felt like a salad for dinner (completely random) so I stopped and picked one up, came home and chatted to Blondie while eating my salad, and then went to bed thinking I'd check my site in the morning and be able to sleep in. And awoke to find out that super snow storm Titan had dropped maybe 1/10th of an inch of snow. It was enough to cancel my coworkers flight in to help at my site, but not enough to do anything else. At all.

So yay b/c of I'm sick of snow. But boo me for being dumb yday. And it was back to NJ this morning for yet another round of everything. I'll be at this site through Wed (I'm staying out there tomorrow night) and then back to NY on Wed night before meeting up with senior mgmt on Thurs morning to go out to my other NJ site and do a demo.

In Tigga news - he's starting to feel heftier to me but he still is painfully thin to look at. He seems to be eating and drinking really well, and now I'm hoping that some weight will start to creep back on him. I can't wait to look at him and see a little bit of flab on his belly instead of just his rib cage. Keeping fingers crossed his pills are starting to kill that mother fucking cancer!

Exhausted. Drained. Emotionally Spent. Nothing else to say tonight except that if I ever bitch in the summer about how hot I am, or ever fucking complain that 6:30 am is too early to get up and workout, you have my permission to bitch slap me.


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