Sunday, April 13, 2014

Never say never

I got my wish (almost) and have just spent the past 2 weeks in NYC (almost). It was brilliant (almost). And now I really can't wait for another break from travelling. Which will now be the end of May. Fuck (all of it).

Last Sunday I started my day with a pedicure - I hadn't had one in almost 3 months because of our "winter that won't end" so the pedicure was really needed - my toes look fabulous now. Afterwards I headed home and debated with Blondie about lunch. While we were debating, our bar friend texted that she was going to Pony so that's where we ended up. It was really nice because our musician friend, whom we haven't seen in forever, was also there. He had brought in cupcakes for the bartender so we all ended up eating lunch, drinking many beers, and splitting cupcakes - not a bad way to spend a beautiful Sunday.

Monday was a "normal" day - into the office for the day but not a whole lot going on. I finally got to chat in person with my BFF who had quit - he's super excited about his transition and it makes me really happy for him that he's taking on a new challenge.

On Tuesday, I had a "scary" day. From the day we moved to NYC (Feb 2010), I've sworn I'll never drive a car in the city. And this past Tuesday, I broke that promise to myself. I had to go out to my NJ/PA site for a demo and I was the only one going from the city (I was meeting a coworker there who works full time not from the office). I usually take a car service but decided this time to just bite the bullet and drive out. I picked up my car, made my way terrifiedly (not a word I know) through the city and spit out into NJ feeling solid relief.

The demo went really well - they are looking to expand use of our product so this demo was to people who haven't been actively involved with us so far. It also ran over by almost an hour which is always a good sign - if they don't like what they are seeing, they try to get you out as soon as possible. And then I got in my car and made my way back to the city where I proceeded to get honked at like a billion times trying to get my car dropped off at the car rental garage. Fuck driving in the city.

Wed I took a train out to my other NJ site and spent the day out there - things have calmed down tremendously and the mood at the site is pretty positive. It's always nice to see that type of thing. Thurs was also a good day - the VP I have the most respect for asked me to present to his team on "the goods", "the bads", and "what we don't do but should do" at our sites. I was pretty hesitant about this as it can feel like an attack - whenever you present on "the bads", you have to be so careful about how you phrase things in order not to hurt feelings. But the meeting went really well. They were receptive to what I had to say and asked if we could have these meetings more often.

After work on Thurs, I went out with a coworker that I haven't gone out with before. We went to my local bar and spent a couple of hours just getting to know each other and ragging on work things. After she left, I stayed with my bar friends and we threw ourselves a dance party. Which made Friday suck. I spent all day just nursing my head and my stomach - awful.

It was beautiful in the city on Saturday so we opened the door to the patio and let the place air out. And we went out for snacky foods for dinner (fruit, potato chips) and then hung out watching tv into the evening. A very low-key night but exactly what I needed. And today it was up early - my bar friends and I went to cheer on one of our friends who was running a half-marathon today. We met up in Central Park and cheered our friend onto a 1:50 half (holy shit - I was so proud of my 2:35 half. I can't even imagine 1:50). And then we slowly walked our way back to the neighborhood. The weather is insane today. It was so nice to be out in it!

A week of traveling is upon me again - tomorrow morning it's off to Detroit bright and early. Thank god I've already been upgraded to first class - it makes flying that much better. I'm back on Wed night late, doing laundry and packing on Thurs, and then off to the land of whiskey, horses and tobacco on Thurs night. I've got another trip to Detroit in April and 2 to CA in May, and I've been put on a site in Brooklyn in addition to all this mess. Woo mother fucking hoo.

Cheers. I hate driving.


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