Wednesday, November 05, 2014


Soooo... brain fart big time. I've got to keep this blog up to date better. I don't know what's going on with my total lack of willpower to pick up my laptop and just write. I keep thinking every week that I'll be back into the mindset, and I'm not (ha - it's like how I work out!)

2 weeks ago, the highlight was getting to go see Little Big Town with Blondie! He had won tickets to see their record release concert, and we were both pretty excited about it. I love getting to go to these shows, even when I don't know the band's music. That day I decided to walk myself down to Blondie's office to meet him before the show - it's about 3.1 miles, but it goes pretty fast. I took the High Line and since the weather was kind of crappy, I basically had the park to myself. Blondie and I did dinner, and then a few drinks at a dive bar close to the venue (like TOTAL dive bar - we both fell totally in love with it). After that, we saw the show and both had a fantastic time.

2 Sundays ago, I met up with my bar friends at Pony for the first time in a long time! We got caught up with our favorite bartender, and I had my BALT sandwich for lunch (bacon, avo, lettuce tomato). Afterwards, we all trucked over to the Winchester and met up with yet more bar friends to get a little drunk before the Packers/Saints game that night. Which the Packers lost :(

Last week was actually pretty exceptional. It started on Monday when a sales rep I worked most closely with at my old job texted - she was in town for the night, so I met up with her at a wine bar in my hood. Blondie came along to meet her for the first time and they totally hit it off. We sat there for about 4 hours, chugging wine, and laughing hysterically at office gossip.

On Tuesday, I got yet another text - this one was from the project manager I worked with when I first started at my old job (he quit in January and leaving me with the NJ project on my own). He was in town as well as 2 of his best friends (who still work at my old job, but they are full-time remote employees so having them in NY at the same time was really a shocker). All 3 of them came over and met me at a gourmet food court in the hood. We drank a few buckets of beer and ate some food, before hitting up the Winchester to end the night. I unfortunately couldn't convince Blondie to come meet this group, but he would have loved them also.

Wednesday was also a blast! I met up with my female bar friend around 12:30 pm to get a mani/pedi in preparation for Jamaica. She was working from home that day and had blocked her calendar so she could come out without getting scheduled for meetings. We spent about 1.5 hours in the nail place before heading to a bar in our hood for fish tacos, buffalo balls, and many many beers. That night, Blondie and I ordered in pizza and chilled which was a great way to end the day.

And on Thursday, yet more catching up with old friends! One of my best friends from 2 jobs ago was in town for work - he also no longer works for the company that I know him from, but was in town for his new job. His husband also flew in and it made me so happy because it had been awhile since I'd seen them both. Blondie and I met up with them at a peruvian chicken place in our hood for dinner - we spent about 1.5 hours together before they took off to see Hedwig on Broadway (!!! My friend and I used to go to Broadway plays when he would come to town for our old job - we saw Addams Family and La Cage Aux Folles together, and had a blast at both !!!)

After our dinner, we said goodbye to my friend and his husband, and then stopped at Dunkin to buy a bunch of munchkins. We took them to the Winchester where all our bar friends had gathered and were hanging out for the night. We had an early bday celebration of sorts - a bunch of beer, a bunch of donuts, a bunch of "karaoke'ing" to the jukebox, and a bunch of dancing.

Friday we flew to Jamaica!!!! Our flight down was exactly on time which was nice - we had Economy Comfort seats and nobody took the seat next to us, so we got to spread out. Both of us ordered rum and orange juice at 9:30 am on the flight which started the stress leaving my body. We landed in Montego Bay and had very short customs and immigration lines, and then headed to the Sandals lounge to drink beers while we waited for the bus to our resort. And when we got to our resort, champagne was waiting for us to drink while we checked in!

That Friday was a perfect day - the sun was out, it was hot and gorgeous. We immediately got food and fruity rum drinks before crashing out on the beach. We took a few dips in the sea, before we both fell asleep in our loungers. That night, we took a boat over to the private island for our resort and went to a beach party. We had a ton of fruity drinks again, and watched the show put on by the Sandals staff (the flexibility/strength guys were OFF THE HOOK), before sitting in rocking chairs, listening to the sea in the dark, and talking the hours away. We eventually got a boat back to the main resort, and headed straight to the bar there, before ending our night around 1:30 am with quesadilla and hot dogs.

Saturday was also a pretty awesome day - the sun was out again, and I managed to snag 2 awesome chairs at the main pool. Blondie joined me a little while later and we spent several hours hanging on a floatie in the pool and going back and forth to the swim up bar. When we got hungry, we headed over to the beach grill and got some food there, before laying out on the beach the rest of the day. That night, we ate at the carribean restaurant in our resort, before taking drinks back to our room and crashing.

And then it was my birthday. My mood was horrible - I wasn't in an angry mood, I was in a depressed / weepy mood. Luckily, the weather was what I wanted - which was overcast all day. Blondie and I went for a breakfast buffet, and then went straight to the beach where we lounged all day long. We drank a ton, I cried on and off behind my sunglasses (I'm so awesome) and we fed the kitty who lived on the resort grounds. We finally went back to our room about 8 hours later, but first I stopped and got myself a bourbon and a daiquiri. We did dinner that night, before grabbing drinks and just going back to the room to watch the SNF game.

I gave myself through Monday night to be a whiny bitch about my birthday. So Monday was a little more melodrama on my part. We left the resort around 10:30 am to head to the airport (after a large breakfast buffet again). Going through security was surprisingly easy, so we stopped for fruit margaritas before heading to our gate. The nice thing on the way back was that we both got upgraded to first class (i.e. red wine by the bucket) and then the even nicer thing was that customs and immigration at JFK was DEAD - we zoomed through in about 4 minutes. This compared to when we came back from England (same terminal) and spent about 2 hours getting through everything. Dinner that night was ordered in mexican along with yet more wine, and an early bedtime.

This week is a lot less busy than last week. I feel okay about the birthday now, mostly because I'm just over it. No real plans this week except Blondie and I want to hit up the Winchester at some point. I'm meeting the program manager from my old job on Friday for lunch - she was one of my besties when I worked there so can't wait to see her and hear about her wedding!

And... for the important news, CONGRATULATIONS TO TCKITW! She scared in the 99th percentile in the Land of Bourbon, Tobacco and Horses with reading scores and got a medal from her school as a congratulations! I'm so proud of her!


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