Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Surprise!

2 Fridays ago, Blondie woke up and randomly decided he'd work from home. Little did I know there was no "random" about this. He made the decision and then started cleaning the apartment, so I helped him out. He just kept saying "it will be nice to have a clean apartment for the weekend". Around 11 am, we headed out to meet the program manager from my old job for lunch. We walked into the bar, and we grabbed a table. I was in the middle of texting the program manager that we were at the bar, and noticed that Blondie was looking over my shoulder and kind of smiling. So I turned around, and HOLY SHIT - IT WAS MR POOH!!!

Blondie and Mr Pooh had pulled off a MASSIVE surprise for a late birthday celebration! They had it in the works for months! It turned out that Mr Pooh had flown in early Friday morning and then hung out with my bar friends for the morning. It was SO GREAT seeing him, and knowing we had 3 full days of hanging out ahead of us!

Lunch was great - getting to see both Mr Pooh and the program manager was a blast, and then Mr Pooh and I walked up to go through the main library for a little bit. Afterwards we stopped and watched the ice skaters in Bryant Park and wandered through the xmas stores that are now open for business. And then we headed back to our bar friends' apartment to get Mr Pooh's bag before hitting up Landsdowne for many beers and buffalo balls. Blondie joined us around 5 pm and we headed to On The Rocks for a bourbon drink.

Around 6:30 pm we headed to the Winchester, and walked into Blondie completely organizing a surprise party for me! I had friends from both jobs I've had in NYC show up as well as all my bar friends! There was a cake, way too many shots, scotch and champagne. What a blast - seriously I was blown away by what Blondie and Mr Pooh managed to pull off!

Saturday was a "sucky" morning - I was pretty (A LOT) hungover, so we ordered in breakfast and when we finally felt better, headed to Pony for the afternoon. We were joined by my female bar friend, and saw my musician friend as well which was nice. After many beers at Pony, we headed back to the Winchester and just drank light beers for awhile before heading out to dinner in the hood. It was an earlier night for us, and ended watching Scott Pilgrim and just chatting.

Sunday we were up and at 'em early, but didn't do anything until around noon. At that point, we headed up to another bar in our hood to watch some football with all my bar friends. Blondie had the game time wrong for the Packers but we still had fun watching the other games that were on (Mr Pooh came up with a brilliant idea for a youtube channel that still gives me the LOL's). After the first round of games, we stopped and bought a ton of cookies before hitting up Winchester for a few more beers. And then it was time to say goodbye to Mr Pooh. After which I cried off and on all night long. Making Blondie realize how much he puts up with from me. :)

I thought the week would be a sad one. 2 great weekends in a row, and I was wanting to just lay in bed all day on Monday and be miserable. But I made myself get up and start getting shit in order. Laundry, cleaning the apartment, hitting up the gym, etc. The week itself was actually pretty good. On Wednesday, I walked 3 miles down the island and met Blondie for some deep dish pizza. And on Thursday, I walked 2 miles across the island and met up with my people from 2 jobs ago to say goodbye to one of my best friends from that job (she got a new job, she's still in NYC). Friday Blondie wasn't feeling too well, so he worked from home again, and we went out early and got some grub for the day. And the weekend was spent being l.a.z.y. I haven't left the apartment since our Friday food run - no shit. It's cold out there, I don't feel guilty.

This week will be interesting - got some stuff in the hopper I need to take care of. Hopefully I'm back to an office job again soon - being at home full time is getting really boring and I'm ready to dive head first into projects, a work schedule, leaving the apartment 5 days a week, etc.

Thanks again Blondie and Mr Pooh!!!! Still having a blast remembering last weekend!


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