Monday, April 20, 2015


Hello. 3 posts in a row. I'm on a roll! (I had to literally just look up to see if it was "on a role" or "on a roll". Ugh. I can haz english skilz?)

It was meant to be a low-key week but it really wasn't. My only foray out of the house on Monday was to meet Blondie at the grocery after he got off work. That was it.

Tuesday I did better. I met up with my girlfriends for wine night! All 4 of us went which was exciting b/c normally it's only me, Glitter and English bar friend. But we had our 4th friend (from barkbox hike) join as well. We hung out there for a long time, and were joined by Blondie at one point. He only stopped in to have some deviled eggs and then he headed on home for the evening. Anyway, the point of the excursion was that my English bar friend is now back in England for over a month so we wanted to see her off.

After wine bar, all 4 of us headed back to our local where we met up with the guys for the rest of the evening. Around 10 pm, I decided I should head home and closed out my tab, but by then, my English friends were well pretty toasty and they convinced me to stay (it wasn't hard). And then they bought many rounds of shots and drinks for me afterwards. Finally at midnight, we closed out for real yo. My friend AA (formerly indian bar friend) was outside smoking and even though he had watched us all close our tabs (including his), in the 10 minutes it took to smoke his cigarette, he forgot twice that he had already paid. It was a great night.

Wednesday sucked though :)

Um, after that, we took it easy until Friday, when we received some really good news. Blondie brought home a few beers to celebrate, and then we headed to our local afterwards. On our way to the local, we ran into a building friend and a friend from the bar whom we haven't seen at the bar in forever. Friday night was fantastic. All our friends, including the building friend we ran into, showed up to celebrate with us, and it wasn't until I decided I needed dinner (at 11 pm - should've just skipped it at that point) that we ended up leaving to get something to eat.

We stayed in Saturday, chilling and relaxing and sleeping all day long. Literally. Blondie rolled over at one point and said, "it's 3 pm already!" Haha. Yes, yes it was.

And on Sunday, the official notification of the good news was received, and so we headed out for lunch to celebrate. We ended up in a cajun restaurant in our hood, on their massive 2nd story outdoor patio, with some cajun bloodies and then several hurricanes. Afterwards, we joined up with Glitter and Heinie at Pony for some good laughs and some good beers. And then we headed home, where I collapsed and slept on and off for the rest of the evening. All in all, a good day.

Today it's raining outside. Yuck. But I'm excited for the week. I have plans to meet up with my Sunday bartender at a spinning class on Wednesday and there is some other stuff on the burner that has me ready for what's to come up in my life. I started on my next book, which has me giddy. And I'm ecstatic for Blondie!

I started working out again. I'm back on T25. I figured I'll do Alpha for 5 weeks, take a week off and just try to do 3 miles on the treadmill each day (running / walking combo), and then do Beta for 5 weeks. Last week was my first Alpha week. It hurt. My legs are useless right now. Today I did 25 minutes of T25 cardio and my face looked like a tomato after I was done. Pathetic.

The cat is back to the vet this week as well. He's had some issues the past 3 months with his stomach - some bile vomiting always combined with some diarrhea and I'm a bit nervous about this checkup. The good news is the incidents each only last about 3 minutes and then he has a TON of energy when he's done. Oh well, I'll keep you posted.

Have a great week everyone!


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