Sunday, May 03, 2015

Spring has sprung!

So excited about the beautiful weather NYC has had these past few weeks! And this coming week is looking to be just as gorgeous as well. Highs in the low 80's + Blondie in a gap week between jobs = fun is HAPPENING. IT'S ALL HAPPENING.

Soooo.... Let's see.

Two Mondays ago, I met up with an old co-worker who used to work full-time for the company "not from the office." He was in town for the week, so I headed to my local to get caught up with him. Also, Glitter's mom was in town as well so there ended up being a big group of us at the bar that night. Even Blondie came out!

Two Tuesdays ago, I took Grumpers The Cat to the oncologist, and told them about the bile/diarrhea (BD) thing he seems to like to do lately. Then they weighed him and the cat actually gained a bit of weight. Anyway, there were basically two options that could be causing the BD. First was that he just had a tummy bug. The vet said that cats with his disease are more susceptible to issues with their stomach. And then the second was that it might be the beginning of the end. That maybe the cancer is starting to win. BUT, he seemed almost positive it was just a bug b/c the cat did gain weight.

Two Wednesdays ago, I'm going to call Hell Day. Glitter and I met up early morning and walked down to Chelsea to meet our Sunday bartender at Flywheel. For those that don't know, Flywheel is a fancy spin class. You get clip-in shoes and the bikes have meters so instead of your instructor telling you to "turn the knob a little to the right" (every gym spin class I've taken), the instructor at Flywheel says "turn the knob to between 20 and 25 and keep your rpms above 80." HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH. Fat girl on a little bike. It was 45 minutes of hell. They even had 2 and 4 pound bars attached to the bike, so at one point you're pedaling and lifting weights. The good news was I burned between 545 and 615 calories (estimated for my stats for a 150 lbs person, and I am WAY more than 150 lbs person).

After hell, we all walked to Meatpacking and ended up on a patio at a mexican restaurant for margaritas and queso. Yes, I see the irony that I worked out and then ate like shit. In my defense, the queso was really good. While at lunch, the vet called and all Tigga's tests turned out normal!!! Which means STOMACH BUG!!!! Not the beginning of the end. SO RELIEVED. After lunch, we split from our bartender, and Glitter and I walked the High Line back to the hood.

Two Fridays ago, we stayed in for the night and ordered deep dish pizza from Tribeca. It was perfect. And two Saturdays ago, we stayed in most of the day but ended up at our local for a few drinks early evening.

Then last Sunday, me and Blondie and AA and Heinie took a cab to Gramercy and went to a mexican restaurant that opened up about two months ago and is legit tex-mex. SOOOO GOOD. Many drinks happened there (Shiner on tap FTW!) and then we cabbed back to our hood where everyone but Blondie ended up at our local. And we drank all afternoon. I went home, ate a leftover taco from Saturday night, and went straight to bed. Because that is how I roll.

The past week was much more low-key. We had 2 instances of BD from the cat, and we think we finally figured out why. We have a cast-iron skillet we use a lot and on nights when we use it, we leave it soaking in the sink. We *think* that he's been getting up on the counter and drinking the water from the pan. So we've decided to now wash it immediately and see if that stops the problems. Poor guy. I'll feel like a total ass if this is why he was sick.

In other good news, Blondie's last day with his company was on Friday! He now has a week off and then he starts up at his new job next Monday. I'm so excited for him! He's extremely happy about his new opportunity, and we celebrated hard on Friday night. Complete with multiple shots of Fireball (barf).

Yesterday was kind of boring. We were lazy until 6 pm and then we met our friends at the local for the KY Derby. The most boring two minutes in sports. AA, who has a knack for picking the exact wrong teams/ sides / horses / you name it, continued his losing streak by putting $150 on the horse who came in dead last. And that horse didn't even have bad odds. The horse that raced at 68-1 odds came in 11th place, and the horse who AA picked (20-1 odds) came in 18th place. Then he told me that he was picking Pacquiao for the fight last night, and I immediately knew Mayweather would win. Yep.

Today has been productive. Up early and already went to the grocery. I wrote my blog on time for once! Now I have a workout to do and then I'm going to bake some brownies before meeting up with the friends for Sunday Funday!

Blondie and I have big plans next week. We have eye and dentist appointments scheduled, we're going to see Avengers one morning, and then we're going to walk around the city one day. Central Park, High Line. The weather is going to be insane and I'm hoping to get some patio and beer time in as well.

Workouts are still happening. I'm three weeks through Alpha T25. It still sucks every single day.

In book news, I had to "fire" my editor. I've known it was coming but hoped everyday something would change. It didn't. The work she had given me was great, but the problem was that the last time she had given me pages was 4/1 (46 out of 162 pages) and every deadline she had given me since 4/1, she had completely missed. Like not a single page given to me. Like I had to track her down (multiple emails each time and when she'd finally respond, it was always "oops, next week! :)") I had to finally write the company I went through and tell them I wanted out of my contract. The owners were actually amazing, and offered to completely edit the book themselves in two to three days, and when I declined that (just a bad taste in my mouth about everything), they refunded the money we had paid (it was half up front, half when book was done). I was expecting to have to eat the first half costs.

Anyway, the plan now is to finish up a book that's not part of the series. I have about 3 hours of writing left on that. And then I'm going to submit to a publishing company. It's a long shot but if they take it, I'd be ecstatic. If not, I self-publish that. After I submit to the publishing company (early next week), I'm going to revisit the book from the "fired editor" and edit it myself and get that self-published. So hopefully within the next 2 weeks, I have two books ready to go!



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