Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Whole Lotta Nada

Yay for doing nothing. Because that's what makes living in NYC so exciting. A city that never sleeps... and I choose to stay in. I'm a loner, Dottie. A rebel. LOL.

Last Sunday I met up with Glitter and Heinie around 3:30 pm for some beers at our local. Our original plans had us going to a new oyster bar in the hood but after AA and Blondie both decided to stay home, and after Heinie announced he didn't feel well so he'd come to the restaurant but not eat, we bailed on our plans. I ended up just drinking until about 5:30 pm and then headed home to eat leftovers and make fun of the new Hobbit movie. Blondie *loves* me for that one.

Monday was Blondie's first day at his new job! I thought about him all day long, but my worries were in vain because Blondie loves his company! I met him for a few beers on the patio at a neighborhood bar on Monday night and he told me all about his day, and then we trucked to our local to meet up with our friends for celebration drinks as well.

Also on Monday, I submitted my book to the publisher I'd like to work with (previous blog post). I want to stress that I really do have a better chance of winning the lottery then I do with having the publisher accept my book. Even knowing this, I'm going to still be heart-broken when it's rejected. Wah. I should know within 4-5 weeks (so 3-4 weeks now) what their decision is. I will let everyone know as soon as I hear, rejection or otherwise, so hang tight on news and keep on keeping body parts crossed.

Tuesday was Blondie's BIRTHDAY!!!! His work actually busted out shots of vodka and then everyone sang Happy Birthday to Blondie. He has the best job EVER. I met Blondie on Tuesday night for dinner and then we ended up at our local again to have a shot of fireball to celebrate.

Wednesday I went to grocery shop and on my walk to the store, about 10 police cars, sirens blaring, came flying down the street. The traffic cop stopped traffic (pedestrian / cars) and let the cop cars through. When I got home from shopping, I found out that the crazy hammer guy (guy who hit random woman in the head with hammers) had been shot and killed (he attacked a female police officer with said hammer and the cops took him down) 2 blocks and 1 avenue from where I was at the exact time I was there. So those cop cars were headed to the scene of the shooting. Exciting stuff.

I made chicken tortilla soup on Wednesday night and it was delicious. I used the Pioneer Woman website recipe and highly highly recommend.

Thursday we stayed in. Blondie had to work late already, so I just chilled and ate leftover soup for dinner.

And on Friday, Blondie went out for drinks with his coworkers and I cooked fajitas for dinner. Then Tigga and I saved a kitty! :) After I ate, I was sitting on the couch with Tigga and he started doing his "stare at the front door" move which usually means Blondie is fumbling with keys outside the apartment. So I muted the TV and realized I could hear a cat crying. I went to the hallway and a cat was hanging out, so I picked it up and found the owner's apartment. Our doors don't shut fully unless you physically shut them yourself (you can't let it swing shut and have it shut by itself) and I think the cat's owner thought the door shut and it didn't. That's how the cat got out. So go Tigga for hearing the cat in the first place!

Yesterday was supposed to be Food Fest fun but Glitter and AA had to bail at the last minute. So I stayed in all day and pouted that I didn't get my frito pie and spicy chicken empanada. :) Maturity. That's me. Today now instead, we're going to do food fest.

And last night was turkey burgers and veggies for dinner, and wine and rum for desert.

No plans for this coming week other than working on my next book (about 10000 words in as of this moment).

I finished Alpha T25 this week (well, I'll finish it today as soon as I get off my ass and do the Stretching disc) but I'm thinking about doing another round of Alpha before moving on to Beta. I was so fat when I started, so out of shape, that I'm just now getting to the point where I don't have to follow the modifier on every move. So I thought maybe another 5 weeks of Alpha would help. But I'm still trying to decide.

This was a boring post wasn't it?

TL;DR - I did nothing this week.


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