Sunday, May 10, 2015

Gap Week

Most excellent week. I wish every week was a gap week for Blondie!

Last Sunday was indeed Sunday Funday. We left our apartment around 2 pm and headed to our local to chat with our bartender for just a second. After that, it was up to Pony to meet up with Heinie for several rounds of frosty malted beverages and a BALT (bacon, avo, lettuce, tomato) sandwich. Then, of course, back to our local for just a few more. Yay for lazy Sundays!

Monday was even more lazy. We didn't leave the house at all.

Tuesday was Cinco de Mayo, and so after vision check-ups for both of us, it was off to our favorite Mexican (not Tex-Mex) restaurant for a late lunch. Enchiladas and guac and a Modelo made my afternoon. Glitter texted on Tuesday night. Our normal Tuesday night bartender (who does not like to make mixed drinks) was off for the day and his replacement was our Sunday bartender (who has no problems making mixed drinks). So I headed to our local for a few margaritas and then some more beer and jukebox playing.

Wednesday, the weather was shit so we just hung out people watching on our balcony. It was perfect.

On Thursday, we started off with a dentist appointment. I like our new dentist a lot. He took his time and walked through my x-rays with me, and then the cleaning wasn't that bad either. After the dentist, we made our way up to Times Square. One of Blondie's nieces did some kind of project for school and asked us to take pictures from around NYC and send them to her for the project. So Times Square was first followed by a trip down to Freedom Tower and Wall Street (the bull and stock exchange). We then got on the Staten Island Ferry so we could take pictures of the Statue of Liberty, and ended our journey in Washington Sq Park so we could get a photo of the arch and the Empire State Bldg.

Finally, after all that, we went to lunch in the NYU area of town. We stopped at a local bar and had burgers and beers, and then sat with a pitcher, people watching Bleecker Street traffic. After lunch, we ended up getting a slice of pizza (the burgers were small and it was late in the day when we ate = STARVING. Not that I need an excuse to eat pizza) and then went to one of Blondie's favorite beer bars for a few beverages.

We ended the day back on our balcony, having some more drinks. The highlight of the night was watching AA walk down the street to the local. We texted him: "We see you!" And he wrote back: "Quit stalking me." LOL.

Friday we stayed in. Blondie had to get a cavity filled and came home from that appointment with several bottles of wine. We ordered Indian food for dinner (eggplant, chicken curry) and then watched TV until I fell asleep on the couch.

And yesterday was yet another lazy day. We lounged around all day, and then joined our friends at our local for several hours last night. Lots of jukebox playing happened. Some dancing happened. Some laughing happened. A great way to end the week!

Happy Mothers Day to my mom, Mrs Pooh and my MIL!!!!

Happy early birthday to Blondie!!!! The big day is Tuesday for him!

Good luck to Blondie on his new job!!!! He starts tomorrow!

And in book news - I FINISHED MY BOOK! I'm in the middle of going through it one last time but will have it sent to the publisher I'd like to work with tomorrow. *If* they accept it (HUGE LONG SHOT), I'll be ecstatic!!!!

Have a great Sunday youz guyz! Exclamation points!!!!!


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