Friday, August 14, 2009

Sunday Streets and a painless dentist....

Last Sunday was Sunday Streets in SF. It basically means the city shuts down a bunch of streets to car traffic and opens them up to anyone. Since I don't have a car, I love this. Now, normally on Sundays, the first 1.5 miles of JFK Drive through GGP is shut down anyway, but this past Sunday, the entire 3+ miles of JFK Drive was shut down straight to the ocean - and then the highway that runs by the ocean was shut down also.

Blondie and I went for a run, and it was so great to have all that space to spread out on. Instead of being on a tiny running trail and dodging people from every direction, we had this massive 2-4 lane (depending on where you are in the park) road to sprawl. It was so fabulous.

In addition, the park is a great place to see all kinds of interesting people. I saw 1) electric bicycles; 2) A giant bicycle that 8 people pedaled while sitting in a circle; 3) swing dancing; 4) salsa dancing; 5) bison; 6) roller skate dancing. So much fun. And it was a beautiful day also.

This week I also went back to the dentist for the first time. I had cracked a crown in February and again in May, and I needed a cleaning. My dentist is only about 2 blocks from the house, and he ruled. He was so calm and patient, and he has a great voice (a radio voice). His assistants were funny, and not once did anyone say anything about how hard I was gripping the arm rests. He's creating me a new crown, so he had to drill the old one off on Wed - which involved numbing my face. It's hard for me to get numb - I've usually had to have about 5 shots of novocaine with 20 minutes in between the shots and starting work. This time, it was 1 time shot and almost instantly I was numb.

Also, he had bite blocks - which everyone knows if you try to hold your mouth open for a long time, your jaws ache (I'm ready for the dirty comments to start). But the bite blocks let you rest your jaws while still holding your mouth open.

And the music rocked. It's hard to be in pain when you are listening to Amy Winehouse argue against rehab.

This weekend I'm planning a pedicure and a run. And tonight I want to just lie in front of my TV.

Looking forward to KY in 1.5 weeks, and not working. Really looking forward to not working.


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