Saturday, August 01, 2009

Trying to think...

I can't remember what's been going on. Which actually means I'm getting old. I last posted on 7/17, and uh, yeah.

Here is what I do remember since 7/17, and I know I'll leave some stuff off - but that's okay.

Blondie and I hit up a coworker's party last Friday - yay for summer Fridays! 2 pm found Blondie and me, and a bunch of coworkers partying it up on his patio. His patio ROCKS BTW. I also found myself apparently deciding to party with about 10 glasses of sangria and 10 beers. Which led into me partying with my toilet all day last Saturday.

After my party with the toilet ended at 4 pm last Saturday (all day hangovers also means I'm getting old), I swore off booze for 2 weeks. Not for a long time, just to let my liver recover.

Hmmm. What else?

I finally went to a dermatologist and got my skin checked out. I'm a moley person, but I have what is called "atypical moles" - thanks to my dermatologist for that phrase. It's because 99% of my moles are flat on my skin, and look like weird pigmentation and not moles. The other 1% she doesn't want to cut off b/c they are deep and they'd actually have to cut down into my fat to get them fully removed. She did freeze off one under my arm which is right where my jog bra hits and it gets irritated all the time. So I'm thankful for that.

In work news, my tech lead's contract is up, so it's back to hating my job. Everything that he does I now have to do (and it's all the crap that I hate) plus I still have to keep up with everything I've been doing (and that's all the crap that I like).

Blondie is doing well. His project is zooming along, and hopefully before long, he can beta launch this sucker.

The cats are also well - they do nothing but sleep most of the day, which makes me jealous. I want to do nothing but sleep most of the day.

Looking forward to our KY visit in a few weeks! Can't wait to see TCKITW and TCKITWv4.0, and the rest of my family.


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