Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Walked for my heart... Drank for my liver...

The HeartWalk I was chair for happened last Friday. It was a good success! We had a lot of people from my company come out and walk, and Blondie ended up joining me too. The weather was INSANELY nice - one of the hottest days we've had this year, and the free lunch was pretty nice too. ;)

After the HeartWalk, Blondie trucked on over to the bar while I went back to work. The bar Blondie hit happens to be one of my favorite in SF (and my most favorite in downtown), and by the time I made it back to the bar after work, Blondie had decided it's his favorite bar too.

We chilled at the bar for awhile, enjoying the free happy hour food of meatballs, ritz, and cheddar cheese, before finally heading on over a few streets to meet Shelbs and Bbbbb to celebrate! That's right folks - Bbbb is headed back to downtown SF instead of the boondocks where he currently works now. We are very excited for him.

And we were also very excited for the insane German Beer Hall we ended up in after our happy hour. OMG. Seriously. So much meat. And beer. A girl could fall in love with the insane German Beer Hall. Anyone who comes to visit - we are making a trek here for dinner at some point.

The rest of the weekend was kind of a blur. I'm still battling the sick, and so I did spend a lot of time resting.

This week is insanely busy - trying to get a project finished up for launch next week. Keeping my fingers crossed this actually happens.

Big plans for this weekend though - Blondie is off to Santa Barbara for a bachelor party, and I have a hot date with a pan of lasagna and my crappy DVR'd TV shows (ANTM, 90210) and my non-crappy DVR'd TV shows (Top Chef, Project Runway, Glee). Looking forward to a weekend of literally not leaving my couch!!!


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