Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chilling like a villian...

Watching some football and eating some pizza bread today. GO PACKERS.

We have finalized our Xmas plans - this will involve a stop in Texas, along with a drive to KY in a U-Haul. That's right folks - we are finally getting rid of our storage shed in DFW, and moving all of our crap back into my parental unit's house. They are going to drive down and meet us in Memphis on the drive back, otherwise, Blondie and I would kill each other. We don't drive well together. Apparently, he drives like he's in Nascar and I drive like I'm a senile 90 year old. :) It's true on both parts.

Hung out with the fabulous Shelbs and Bbbb yesterday. It was really good seeing them and getting to catch up on everything. They both are enjoying their new SOMA jobs, and I'm happy to have them around again!

My PM quit from work - it was a sad day. She's the only one who brought any kind of order to the project I'm working on, so we will definitely miss her. But, we did have a blast celebrating her last day. I don't think Thirsty Bear will let us anywhere near the bar again.

Thanksgiving plans include taking the week off from work and stay-cationing in SF - we are going to hit up the California Acacdemy of Sciences, and the Yoda statue in the Presidio, and I'd love to take a Blue/Gold cruise through the bay. We will be at Shelbs and Bbbb for Thanksgiving dinner, along with all 4 of us running a Turkey Trot in GGP in the morning.

Things I'm thankful for this year:
1) The launch of Blondie's website. SO PROUD OF HIM!!!!
2) Great friends whom we get to spend T-Day with!!!!
3) A job in this crappy economy.
4) The fact that our respective siblings have spawned the greatest kids ever!!! We love all of our nieces (4 of them, soon to be 5)
5) Family that supports us no matter what we do!


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