Thursday, November 05, 2009

The dreaded day...

First off, last Thurs, Blondie and I met my friend KT for burgers at the new restaurant Burger Bar. I loved it! They had an awesome beer selection, and an even more awesome shake selection, and the burgers were sooooo good. I even got a fried egg on my burger! And Blondie had a twinkie shake, complete with a twinkie stuck in the top.

Then, last Friday, it was off to the Warfield to see Kevin Smith do a stand-up show. Blondie bought the tickets for my birthday b/c I'm a KS freak. One of my fav movies of all times is Clerks ("no time for love, Dr Jones") and KS is seriously one of the funniest people I've heard talk. THANKS BLONDIE!

Saturday we headed down to the hood to get some yummy Say Cheese goodness, and Sunday was designated "Lazy Ass Day" and all we did was watch football (and I drank, and passed out also).

Monday was not a good day - yes, I know, I'm being dramatic. I'm fully aware I'm being dramatic. But that day still felt like shit. Luckily it was KT, Blondie, Bbbb and Shelbs, and about 10 drinks to the rescue! This is all I'm going to post about the actual b-day itself b/c I don't really want to remember it.

Okay... moving on.... Blondie met me last night for some sushi, and after this week (it's been some crazy time at work), it was so needed. Hot sake, eternity roll, and then bed. So refreshing. The rest of the week is going to be spent trying to get this project to launch. Ugh.


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