Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hells Kitchen!!!! Helllllllllllllllls yes!!!!

I'm going to annoy EVERYONE with my "Hells Kitchen! Hells yes!" saying simply b/c I'm going to say it all the time.

Hells Kitchen (HK) rocks. It simply rocks. Blondie and I were looking for a neighborhood that was maybe a little borderline skeevy, but with plenty of bars and restaurants that have people our age hanging out in them - not someplace where 21 year olds go clubbing, but someplace where us mid 30's go for a few (many) pints before bunking down for the night. We found this combo in HK.

We are about 2 blocks off the main drag for HK and about 5 blocks from Times Square. We left the bldg yesterday after we found out we were approved, literally walked 4 mins to the main drag, and hit the first bar we found. And loved it.

Our apartment = free pool, free gym, patio, river views, free breakfast (you are reading this correctly), rooftop terrace.

Our rent = makes me want to cry.

The size of the apartment = makes me want to cry harder.


--K and S

P.S. Everyone come visit!

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