Sunday, January 03, 2010

NYC II, Happy Birthday, The Holidays, TCKITW v6.0....

First off, Happy Birthday to TCKITW v4.0!!! She turned 1 today, and I hope she's having a great day!!!

NYC was awesome - so awesome that we've accepted the job offer and are moving to the city in either Jan or Feb - I'm still working out dates with my company, so I don't have a firm one yet, but will have one this coming week. On my days off while in the city, we headed down to see the WTC site - they have started construction on the new building, and it was an incredible feeling to see new "life" springing up where so much horror had happened.

After that, we headed down to Wall Street to check out the bull sculptures and NYSE as well as Trinity Church (from "National Treasure"). We bought some roasted nuts from a vendor which brought about much merriment as we took every opportunity to ask each other if we wanted more nuts in our mouths. The church was great and we would've headed inside to check it out but there was a service going on, and we didn't want to disturb.

After Wall Street, we walked further down and viewed the Statue of Liberty from across the bay. It was freezing cold, so we didn't stay long. Blondie figured out the subway system in like 3 mins, so we used the trains to get back up to Upper West Side after that. We slowly meandered around the neighborhood, stopping in to eat a diner and to check out Zabar's. Our trip back took us through Central Park (LOVE LOVE LOVE) before we found the cheapest HH bar in NYC and hung out people watching for awhile.

Our last day was spent at Grand Central Station - we just took in the sites, and avoided getting knocked down by the women who about shit themselves at the sight of a roach.

I'm not a Xmas person - it's one of my least favorite holidays - but something about NYC put me in the mood. I don't know if it had to do with how many Xmas trees they had - about every park was decorated for the holidays. It was with that mood that we flew into Dallas to pack up our storage shed and move it all to KY.

I was kind of dreading this, b/c I was afraid Blondie and I would kill each other on the 14 hour drive from Dallas to KY. I'm standing in the airport, super excited to see my family after our road trip, but not looking forward to the road trip, and Blondie was taking his sweet ass time getting in touch with his friend who was giving us a ride to our storage unit. My nerves were frayed and I was tired, and all of a sudden Blondie said "Oh wait, there he is" and pointed, and I turned around and it was BROTHER R!!!! He had flown in to surprise me and help with packing and the drive.

THANK YOU. Brother R saved us from misery! He helped with the driving and the packing, and paid for our hotel rooms, and generally was a great distraction throughout our entire trip.

It was good to be back in KY and see everyone. TCKITW and TCKITW v4.0 have grown so much - I think TCKITW is going to be a super model, and TCKITW v4.0 is going to be a CEO. They are so unique, completely different personalities - it was so cool to see them interact and get along and also fight and realize, "yep, they're siblings".

The rest of the holidays were good, not relaxing as there was no downtime, but definitely good.

Our NYE was spent asleep (go us!) and I'm still trying to recuperate from travel. Blondie and I have a lot going on in the next 6 weeks - packing, flying back to NYC to find an apt, moving, moving the cats, selling shit, etc.

And on another note, Blondie got news from his bro that they are expecting again! TCKITW v6.0 is following close on the heels of TCKITW v5.0 (who's not here yet). I'm rooting for another girl which will make for 6 nieces! Congrats to the G-Family!


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