Monday, March 01, 2010

Yeehaw! A snowstorm, a wedding, and some cowboy boots

Blondie and I woke up Friday morning, and headed out around 5:30 am to head to JFK to catch a flight. We took one step out of our apartment, and about fell over. It was seriously a winter wonderland in NYC. The snow was at least a foot deep, none of the sidewalks or streets had been cleared, and it was STILL coming down heavily. We gingerly made our way to JFK (thank god for underground trains), the entire way thinking that there was no way our flight was going to go.

But it did - it was one of very few that went that day. And it was a good thing, for we were off to Austin to see the lovely Shelbs and Bbbb tie the knot!!!!

We landed on Friday (way late, but at least we got there) and immediately headed to the rehearsal. It was so good seeing everyone again (the SF crew, the TX crew), and after the rehearsal, Blondie took off with a friend for beers while I headed out for a pedi. OMG, my feet were disgusting.

After the pedi, I meandered across the bridge and into downtown to meet Blondie and the Brit for drinks. We spent a good hour laughing our asses off before heading to the welcome dinner (yay for Tex Mex!)

Saturday was a great day - the bridesmaids met Shelbs early and hung up for a couple of hours. Then it was off to get some lunch, before meeting Blondie and another friend for beers in the sun. The wedding was a late afternoon wedding, and the weather couldn't have been better.

Also, the other bridesmaids also managed to convince me that I needed cowboy boots - I lived in TX for 8 years, but it took a 3 day weekend in Austin to make me change my mind and actually purchase some. Want to bet I wear them 1 more time and that's it?

Congrats Bbbb and Shelbs!



joe said...
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Brad Thompson said...

Well you always could stand in Times Square in your underwear and your cowboy boots, and play a guitar. I hear that's cool or something.