Monday, March 29, 2010

Hello! How are you doing???

We are doing fantastico here! We had an excellent weekend, with the exception of UK losing and Duke winning (boo you Duke!).

Friday night was lazy night - I came home exhausted and we didn't do anything. For dinner, we even just made egg beaters and frozen veggie burgers b/c we were too tired to order in.

Saturday we woke up with some energy! We hit our gym, where yours truly pumped out her first 30 minute run (without stopping) in a long time! I'm actually training for a 3.5 mile corporate challenge in Central Park in June, so this was a huge first step for me. Once I get 2 more runs in 30 mins without stopping, I'll start working on my speed.

After the workout we headed to our movie theater and caught the 10:45 am showing of Alice in Wonderland in 3D. The movie was great - I heart Johnny Depp so anything he does is worth it to me. Blondie loved it also!

After the movie, we headed to a BBQ restaurant, and then made the decision to "play tourist" the rest of the day. We started out at Cold Stone in Times Square and enjoyed some ice cream, followed by a trip to Ripley's Believe It or Not (see the ny blog for more info) and ended with some souvenier shopping for TCKITW and TCKITW v4.0

After that, a quick trip to the 3 market's (farmers, seafood, meat) and we headed on home to watch KY lose. Blah.

Sunday the weather turned AWFUL so we headed out at lunch to get soup and Cadbury Creme Eggs. I did my yoga program (and killed myself), and then it was a lazy day in front of the TV.

This next weekend we are off to the driving range at Chelsea Piers, followed by a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge to Grimaldi's (the famous pizza place at the foot of the bridge)! LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!

Hope everyone is doing well!



CeCe Savage said...

Okay, I definitely love this blog!! I felt the same way about Alice in Wonderland 3D!

Kerri&Shaun said...

Thanks CeCe! Johnny Depp couldn't be more of a rock star in my book if he tried!