Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Contracts all over the city for building personnel are expiring tonight - this includes maintenance men, concierge, doormen, etc. The contracts end at midnight, with walkoffs expected around 7 am.

I am going to miss my crew if this happens - they make me feel safe when I come home from work at night, they are always there with kind words as I come through the door (usually "Welcome home! Hope your day was excellent!"), they call our food deliveries up, they make sure that everyone who comes through the front door is either a resident or on their way to see someone, they hold our deliveries from FedEx and UPS for us until we can get to them, they send out our dry cleaning and laundry... You name it, they do it.

I have a SUPER SOFT SPOT for my building, and it was from day 1 that Blondie and I arrived. We came into the building, exhausted from a red-eye flight, loaded down with suitcases and 2 cats, freezing cold b/c we hadn't adjusted to the weather (SF, you definitely win the "weather" hand). They were there immediately to load our suitcases onto luggage racks and store them for us, and since we had arrived early and the office wasn't open to get our keys, they offered to sit both cats behind the desk with them while we went to get some breakfast and coffee.

I chickened out - I didn't want to leave the cats as they were nervous and they had a super stressful night (flying, cabs, etc). But the fact that they offered - well, you love my cats, I love you back.

Revisit the fun of travelling with cats - see the NYC blog

Building crew - you have my support.



CeCe Savage said...

I hadn't heard about the contracts being up. Are they walking off the job to negotiate new contracts that pay better? Have better benefits? Better hours? What's the goal here?

Kerri&Shaun said...

They actually reached an agreement early this morning - strike averted! The workers wanted a pay raise, and the owners agreed but wanted the workers to chip in for benefits (which they don't do now). They somehow managed to work out something everyone likes. I'm glad I'm not a negotiator - I would be atrocious at it!