Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lived for the weekend

I've worked for the same company for 3+ years now. When I switched jobs and moved to NYC from SF, it was still with the same company, but just a different division. It seems to me (and I don't think I'll be alone in this) that since I did all new hire training 3+ years ago when I started, there should be NO reason to have to sit through it again.

I'd be wrong in thinking this.

This past week included 2 straight days of lectures from senior mgmt in order to be "aligned with the Company brand". It was torture.

Luckily, the weekend has been MUCH better. Friday night was designated "lazy night", and I loved it. We caught up on Weeds watching, a show we became addicted to when it came onto Netflix free downloads, and just generally enjoyed a night of doing shit.

Yesterday we tried out a new DVD I'd gotten for exercise. It was actually pretty killer and we're going to give it a whirl for 30 days starting next week (we have 3 of our SF buddies flying in this week to visit so no point in starting now and then making them watch us sweat and groan everyday while we do this).

After our workouts, we headed out to grab lunch. I'm a huge HIMYM fan, and the NYE episode one year had them picking up a friend and heading to Gray's Papaya and then chowing down on what looked like the most fabulous hotdogs in the world. So we headed there for lunch. They were gorgeous dogs.

Afterwards we decided to stroll through the Fashion District and just window shop/people watch. We came across an OTB parlor, and well, god forbid we'd pass up the chance to gamble. I have a feeling this is where you will find us most weekends going forward. I know that the only reason I agreed to leave finally was because there was no beer sold. Otherwise, I'd probably still be sitting there and Blondie would be pissed as hell at me.

It was a trek then down to Macys, just to see what the store looked like. And then we slowly wandered back to our hood to hit up our 3 markets for groceries.

We ordered chinese food for dinner last night, and then around 9 pm, after I had done a 3 hour discourse on "My Love For All Things Ice Cream" we headed to our 24 hour deli and picked up some pints of Ben & Jerrys. Blondie hates when I do this, b/c literally like 4 bites and I'm done. And then the ice cream tempts him all week long since he's home during the day. Sorry Blondie!

Today it's shit weather. It made for really good sleeping in though, and then I did 2 hours of exercise. We just ordered in some sandwiches, and I'm about to watch my crap shows (ANTM, 90210) and relax this day away!



CeCe Savage said...

Ben & Jerry's is sooo delicious. I usually buy my pint after 8 pm, lol. And it sits there all week too in my freezer! I eat it a few bites at a time until it's gone.
I never understood how a person can sit there and eat an entire tub of ice cream in one sitting...

Kerri&Shaun said...

OMG - it's something about ice cream isn't it? Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby - all time fav. And I def can't eat it all - just a spoonful or 2 at a time. BUT, if a bag of gummy bears appeared in front of me - that would be entirely gone in 5 seconds flat!