Saturday, March 19, 2011


OMG. I am completely crashing right now - and it feels so good. I'm a little space-baby. It makes sense in my head.

So this was yet another week in our "let's not do shit" plan. We did so much stuff the first year we lived here, it's nice to feel like we can enjoy our city without frantically trying to cram stuff in. Having said there, there is still SO MUCH STUFF left that we want to experience - NYC never gets old. Something is *always* going on here.

Literally, we did nothing this week. We didn't hit up our bar, we didn't go out for St Patrick's day, we didn't go out to eat. Home-boundness got into us.

Work was hard this week - about 6 months ago, I got put back onto projects that are specific to my old division, and trying to run these projects from 3000 miles away is turning into a real eye-opener about this role. I had a bad day on Friday, one that caused me to lock the door to my office, and cry for 10 minutes. Then I had to keep the door locked for another 30 minutes until my face cleared.

Um, what else? Thursday we watched UK WIN! And more importantly, Lousiville lose! We had talked about going out, but I've had the stress sleeps again (4:45 am wakeup time? Why not!) and I was crashing hard on Thursday night. Plus, the combination of St Patricks day and the start of March Madness and a gorgeous spring weather day led to the craziest bar scene I've ever witnessed. Every bar I passed on the way home was filled to overflowing.

Friday was another beautiful day - 70's and sunny. It was also a day I got stuck at work until almost 9 pm. It was still nice on my walk home at least, but it did suck.

I felt bad because Mr Pooh texted on Friday night - he was in a really good mood, and just sharing some good vibes, and I texted back "wah wah wah, my life sucks! I want a beer!" He was very cool though, and told me to take it out on my run today.

So today I was back up at 4:45 am, and was messing around on my computer in the living room when I wracked my neck - I twisted it hard. I went back to bed around 6:30 am and could only get to sleep by cramming my arm under my head, which put my arm to sleep. I woke up around 9:30 am, and told Blondie I was worried about the run because I was both stiff and sore as all get out. We headed out anyway, into the wind, for a 7-miler. And we rocked it out. My neck pain was non-existent while running (it's back in full-force right now), and I managed to get the whole 7 miles without stopping, in a 11:39 min pace. This is the *exact same pace* I ran last week, and while I would like to be 9 sec per mile faster, keeping the same pace for a mile longer run is awesome.

Blondie rocked his run out in a 11:21 min pace, and he discovered a new path to keep us from having to play "dodge the crowds" for a section of the course that's close to our house. So I'll be doing that next weekend.

After our run, I got myself a bright red pedicure - my toes were a wreck from all the running, and the athlete's foot (which finally healed). Then Blondie came and met me for ethiopian for lunch, before we hit up the liquor store for some scotch and wine. I plan to lay on the floor until 6 pm ish before packing, and then we are going to split some wine while we watch Wisconsin win. The Wildcats won again today - so it's been a good day all around.

Tomorrow I have a bright and early flight back to good old California. I intend to land, workout and then meet up with my good friend KT to see how her new job is going. The week is going to be packed with running, work, and happy hours. Every night is already booked solid.

This was week 6 of training. Monday was a rest day, Tues and Thurs I did 4 miles on the treadmill (Thurs run was at 10:49 min pace), Wed was a 2 mile hill interval run, Fri I did my 30-day-shred level 3 along with bootcamp level 2 dvd's, and today was 7 miles. Tomorrow I have a 50 min cross-train, so I'll either do a walk with hand weights, or hit the precor up.

Have a great week everyone.


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