Monday, August 01, 2011

Fast week. Really fast week

I came off what felt like one of the fastest weeks of my life. I had to work late every night, but the week literally felt like it was over before it started. It was good in that anything that makes work feel like it goes faster is aok, but it was not good in that I felt like we barely got through 1/100th of what we needed to get through for this project.

In addition to it being super fast, 2 of my friends from work quit. 1 friend gave her notice and was gone 2 days later, and 1 will be done tomorrow. Just a really "not normal" work week last week.

Last Sunday, I took a rest day from working out finally, and just went and got myself a bright red pedicure. I like it, but it's very candy-colored and I don't think I will pick that color again. After the pedicure, I had to work some which wasn't the best way to end a weekend.

And I really honestly did work until about 8 - 8:30 pm every night this past week, except for Friday. And that was because on Friday, a bunch of us went out for a goodbye lunch and drinks for my friend who quit. That was nice, except I had the sleeps and when I put a few beers on top of that, it was literally all I could do to get myself home afterwards. I got home, stumbled into the bedroom and take a very deep 2 hour nap. I woke up feeling groggy and exhausted, but less exhausted than before the nap. Then I made the mistake of checking work emails - we had found a huge issue on Friday morning, but we also thought we found the fix. Unfortunately, the "fix" made it all 100x worse. Friday night was spent on a conf call rounding up people to take a look at the issue.

Saturday I got up and did my final day of Insanity, before heading into the office. I work from about 12 to 2:30, and then called Blondie. We couldn't decide on lunch, so we did a split lunch. He met me up by the subway stop and we headed for a slice of pizza (from a pizza place we had heard about but not tried). It was pretty good - Blondie loved it b/c the crust was cooked all the way, I could've used a little more doughy crust, but all in all, a really good slice.

Then after the pizza, we headed back towards our hood and ended up at a new mexican joint. We had a light snack and margaritas (for me) and bloodies (for Blondie). We sat outside in the shade and just people watched for awhile, before heading back to get our grocery shopping done.

Saturday night was spent calling everyone who needed to work on Sunday and getting them caught up to speed on the issues we were seeing, but then Blondie and I crashed out watching some movies. It was nice b/c I felt like we were on the go all day, so staying in on Saturday felt like a treat.

Yesterday I went for a run on the treadmill and did much better than I did 2 weeks ago - my left leg still feels funny in my new shoes, it just feels really tight and achy when I run. I'm hoping I can get these suckers broken in before too long. After my run, I caught a cab over to my office where 1 of the developers was also in for the day. I worked for about 3 hours before heading out to meet Blondie and the Dragon for drinks and lunch. A couple of hours, a couple of shots, many beers later, I had to go home and just collapse.

Today I'm off to jury duty - it couldn't have come at a worse time. I feel like I need to be at the office to get all these issues dealt with, and instead, I have to now head somewhere I have no desire to be. Yay.

So I just finished off my Insanity program. I think I'm going to go another round, but with 2 days a week running, and 1 day a week just off - so it would be 4 days of Insanity a week instead of 6. I still have to decide how I want to handle. I do really love the program though, and if I could just get my eating under control, I can totally see how my body would change.

Have a great week everyone!



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