Saturday, December 17, 2011

1 more time with 2 Blondies

This week was a shit show. Completely. I'm in dire need of a break to recover from everything that went on, but there is no time... because I'm off to SF tomorrow for work. UGH.

Last Sunday we went out and met up with my SF friends at Kettle of Fish in West Village area. Kettle of Fish is the Packers bar in NYC, and it was a blast. Everyone was extremely friendly (midwesterners - enough said), and everyone completely loves the Packers there. We only stayed for 1 quarter as it was uber crowded, but we were there for an hour before the game even started (also, a huge thanks to the lady passing out free cheese curds).

After Kettle of Fish, we went across the street to a bar where we could sit down - and we finished watching the game there. Sweetie J passed out at our table early on, and that's when we decided to cancel the plans to go to Brooklyn for dinner. It was a great night though - it was so good seeing Dirty Sanchez and Sweetie J again, and then watching the Pack stomp the Raiders...

Monday ended up being a bad good day. I had a really crappy morning and early afternoon, and then decided I just had to not be at work for the rest of the day. I've only ever done that 1 other time, just taking off mid afternoon, but based on my mood, I needed out. I ended up going in and getting like a foot of hair chopped off and having it highlighted back to blonde. I lurrrrrve it. I want to make out with it. It's noticeable but not crazy.

After I got home, we decied to stop by our bar for dinner and some drinks. Our bar friends were there also, and we got caught up with them while watching parts of the MNF game. My bar friend even asked where I got my hair done, and wanted the name of my hair guy.

Tuesday we did nothing. It was needed. Wednesday we got to leave work early again, but this time it was for my work Xmas party. They rented out a club in midtown Manhattan and started the party at 3 pm. It was open bar, which was nice. The club also happened to be the same on where Plaxico Burress shot himself, which was interesting. I wanted to take a picture but thought it might be weird. I left the party early, as it was very crowded - to the point where you couldn't walk, and was home around 5:30 pm. Blondie cooked me some food, and then I fell immediately asleep for a 2 hour nap (work stress, yet again, leads to not sleeping at nights when I should).

Thursday was a disaster. I went with some of my coworkers to another coworkers photography show. We had some wine at the show, and then decided to head out for mexican. 2 margaritas and a shot of tequila later, we decided to head on home (10 pm ish). However, I was going to share a cab with 1 of my coworkers and we couldn't find one anywhere, so we went ahead and hit up a bar in the area. And then it was 3 bourbons later and 1:15 am. I literally felt like we had just sat down at the bar, and then 3 hours were gone. But I was glad I went - I had a blast talking with my coworker, and it's been a long time since I've been awake past 11 pm for fun (I'm awake past 11 pm a lot but it's usually b/c I can't sleep due to work stress).

Friday I was hungover. But I sucked it up because we had another coworker's birthday to celebrate. Blondie came over to the east side of Manhattan and we met up with a big group for many drinks and dinner. Afterwards, another coworker of mine and Blondie came back over to our hood, where we hit up our bar until 12:30 am. We walked my coworker back to the train, and then Blondie and I went to CVS for junk food (bad idea).

Today I actually slept until almost 10 am (unheard of). It was fantastic. I did a workout when I finally got up, and now am just relaxing. We are going to decorate our baby Xmas tree today, and then I have to pack b/c it's back to SF tomorrow for work. I'm just flat out dreading this trip. I want it to be Thurs night, when I get my red-eye back to NYC, so bad I can't stand it.

Workouts this week were good - not great. Last Sunday I ended up doing P90X legs&back. Monday I took as a planned rest day. Tuesday became a rest day b/c that's when my legs and back went haywire from the Sunday work out - I felt like I had been pummelled repeatedly in the back and thighs on Tuesday. Wednesday I did a 3.1 mile run (it was slow b/c I was still in pain) and Thurs was an Insanity disc. Friday was a rest day (yay for hangovers!) and today I did P90X Yoga disc. I'll be treadmilling it everyday for the next 5 days as that's what I do in hotel gyms, so gave myself a break from my 5 mile run today.


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