Sunday, December 11, 2011

Go Pack Go!

Last Sunday about gave me and Blondie both heart attacks - that Packers v Giants game was cuh-razy. We left the house around 12:30 pm last Sunday and started walking towards Penn Station - on the way, we got a slice of pizza b/c we were both starving and didn't think we could make it to Meadowlands before we ate. We bought tickets for the train, and realized we had 1 minute to make the next Secaucus train or we would have to wait for an hour in Penn Station for the next one (the pizza stop was so not worth it). We bolted and managed to make the train, but had to sit separately.

The train ride over was interesting b/c it was loaded with Giants fans who obviously hate the Packers. Blondie and I kept quiet, but still made fun of the guy who decided to call the Packers, the Butt Packers. Oh really. How interesting. How totally *unique* you are, mr funny man. :)

When we got to the stadium, we realized how mind-blowingly awesome our seats were. I don't know what our bartender did, but we were literally 14 rows off the sideline, right by where the Packers ran out of their tunnel. It was insane. We got to see all of the Packers up and close and personal (Rodgers, Cobb from Kentucky! Jordy Nelson, Clay Matthews, Donald Driver) - I must've hyperventilated like 25 times.

Finally, the game started. Blondie and I started pounding down beers because we realized almost immediately that the Packers weren't on top of their game that day. 3.5 sickening hours later, they pulled a win out of their asses, and we were left as big blobs of jello as our nerves finally gave out. Amazingly enough, the Giants fans in the stadium were pretty nice - other than the jackasses on the train ride, nobody gave us shit about our Packers gear. We also had a guy next to us that loved his Giants, but he cheered them on (very loudly) without being derogative towards the Packers. So Go Pack Go! And please don't ever scare us like that again!

Monday night, Blondie and I headed down to the NYU area (West Village) to see our bar friend in her holiday Cabaret/Burlesque show. They were amazing - we laughed so hard at some points, and sang along, and just had a great time. My favorite song was "I got an STD for Xmas". After the show, Blondie and I headed to our bar to make sure to thank our bartender for those incredible Giants v Packers tickets, and also to just be a little loud about how great the game ended up being (only because the Packers won did it end up being a great game).

I woke up Tuesday hung.over. I drug myself into work, and realized I was going to be faced with some of the SF office in town that week - I had forgotten they were coming, and so I looked/felt like shit (probably smelled like it too with all the beer coming out of my pores). I sucked it up big time though and went for drinks with them that night. I didn't last very long before I had to call it a night, and also, my liver now HATES me.

On Wednesday, Blondie called towards the end of the day and wanted to go out to eat, but I had to tell him I just wanted to crash out. Between Monday and Tuesday, I was dead on my feet. We ended up getting some street meat for dinner and then watching TV all night.

Thursday and Friday were more of the same - Blondie had done some grocery shopping on Thursday so we had great meals for both of those nights. We had marlin po'boys on Thurs and sauteed spinach with salmon for dinner on Friday. Both tasted awesome.

Yesterday I got up uber early so I could get a run in before we left our house around 10 am to head to Brooklyn for awhile. We met up with an old coworker of mine and his wife and kid for brunch. They recently moved to NY from TX, and it was really good reconnecting with them. Afterwards, Blondie and I came back to the city and did some more grocery shopping, before we cracked a bottle of wine around 5:30 pm. We started watching some movies, and before you knew it, we were 3 bottles into the evening.

Today, a friend of mine from SF is in town and we're off to meet her for drinks this afternoon before heading to Brooklyn again this evening for dinner. I need to get a pedicure, so I might do that today also.

Plans for this week include my work holiday party on Wednesday, a friend's photography showing on Thursday, and a coworker's birthday on Friday. I have to pack on Saturday because I'm being sent back to SF on Sunday for a week for work. The week before Xmas, and here I go travelling. For work. All kinds of awesome people. All kinds of awesome.

Workouts this week were again on track - last Sunday, I did an Insanity disc, with Monday being a P90X disc. I took Tuesday off, but went running on Wednesday (3.1 miles - they hurt, it was SLOW and ugly). Thurs was another Insanity disc, and Friday was a 30 Day Shred disc and Insanity Abs disc. Yesterday I did 65 mins on the treadmill - I didn't feel as good as I did last week, but felt infinitely better than Wed - I was about .06 miles less than last Sunday, but I'm feeling good about where I'm at with my running right now. Today I might take as a rest day, but if I don't, I'm most likely doing a P90X yoga, Kenpo or Legs&Back disc.


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