Monday, February 13, 2012

The good and the bad

Super Bowl Sunday ended up being a good day. After Blondie took off for his guy meet-up prior to the SB, my bar friends texted. They had gotten a new puppy and were up in my building friends apartment, so I went upstairs to meet the puppy. I hung out there for a bit, before going back to my apartment to get ready for SB. I ended up at the bar first out of everybody, and just relaxed until my friends started to get there.

The Giants won, which was nice. Go NY team! But the best part was that Blondie and I bought into a pool before the game started, and ended up walking away with a 32" flat screen TV! I've been wanting to get a TV in the bedroom for months now, so this was perfect for us.

That was the good. The bad happened on Monday. I was waiting to cross the street to head into my office bldg on Monday morning. Stepped down off the curb, straight into a pothole (the same pothole that's been there the entire 2 years I've gone to work), and twisted my ankle something fierce. If it wasn't for the van parked along the curb that I fell into the back of, I might have broken my ankle. As it was, I hit the back of the van so hard that 5 people stopped to make sure I was okay.

I caught my breath, the entire time thinking "oh shit you dumbass, now you've done it". I tried to put some weight on it, and it just f'ing hurt. I hobbled into my bldg, got to my desk, and peeled my sock off to find absolutely nothing. It wasn't swollen, it wasn't black and blue. It just HURT. All day long I was in misery, and finally I took my sock off again around 3:30 pm, and sure as shit, it had puffed up BIG TIME. I went home early, and the 7 minute walk from the subway took over 20 minutes as it was shuffling steps. Blondie helped me get it iced, but it was too late - the next day when I woke up, I could hardly walk and the ankle was swollen and completely bruised.

Because of that, the week was definitely low key. It started feeling better around Thurs timeframe, but it's still swollen today. I took the week off from working out (Mon-Wed, I couldn't have done anything anyway, and Thurs-Sun, I was scared to do anything b/c of how swollen it is). I felt like I could've worked out today, but woke up really tired and the last thing I want is to step wrong on this again. So I'm going to work out tonight when I get home from work, when I'm awake and alert.

Blondie and I really didn't do much of anything this week. We mostly took it easy, watched TV, and stayed in. We did a massive grocery shop online on Saturday, before going out for perishables. We watched it snow Saturday morning for a little bit - I like to watch the snow as long as I don't have to go out in it. And that's it. Lame. Everything's lame man.

Keep your fingers crossed that this workout tonight goes okay. And that I can start running again tomorrow morning. A week off of my half-marathon training program is a bummer for me, especially as my runs the week before I did this were so good.


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