Sunday, February 26, 2012

Not Redeeming Itself

Last Monday, we spent the day mostly doing nothing. Around 3:45 pm, we decided to go get drunk as I was in a bad headspace about Max. We headed out to a bar we've been to once but one that I love. It's almost impossible to get into, as it's super popular ($5 pints of hand crafted beer), but we figured that the bar didn't open until 3 pm, we would be there by 4pm, we should be fine. We weren't - it was already standing room only.

Instead we headed up to our poison bar, and drank the afternoon away there. We enjoyed the music, not being in the apartment, and had some snacks. Afterwards, we headed back to our normal bar for 1 drink before going home and ordering in tacos.

The rest of the week was a wash because 2012 sucks. I went into work on Tuesday and it was a very long day getting caught up from being unexpectedly out. On Wednesday, a friend stopped into my office and said she wasn't feeling good, and par for the course, something blew up with my project. We got the project under control, but the sick part was passed onto me.

Thursday was a 16 hour workday, as I was in the office at 5:45 am to be part of one of the worst launches - we launched everything turned off, and various teams still managed to screw things up. I worked all day long, trying to get our weekend plans lined up, get testing for our Monday release finalized, etc. Because I was still there, I joined the 2nd half of the launch, which as hard as it was to believe, went worse than the first half. And finally, at 10 pm that night, I drug myself out of a building, hopped into a cab and headed home. The good news was this was the first day I didn't cry about Max. The bad news is it was because I was so exhausted I had no energy to cry.

Friday was a long day as the sick had fully caught on. I have a massive sore throat, I can't stop coughing, my head throbs, I'm hot and then cold, and my nose is on full on run mode. I worked all day, dealt with several last minute issues on Friday, and got home around 8 pm. And then yesterday, I left the apartment at 10:15 am and headed to work. 8 of us came into the office to finish up testing, and we all worked until 6 pm. And now we are signed off. We launch tomorrow. I'm not excited about this at all, and that is not sarcasm. Last year when we launched my big project, I was a bundle of nerves. This year, I simply do not care. 2012 has taken my beloved cat, killed my ankle (it's still not fully healed), given me a massive head cold, and is now making me launch this project.

Tomorrow it's back to the office at 5:45 am to turn this project on. If things go okay tomorrow, I'm going to meet Blondie to celebrate. However, if they don't, Blondie and I will have to wait to celebrate until next weekend.

Today was spent sleeping as I'm still sicker than a dog. My voice is obliterated, my nose is raw, and my throat hurts so much that even breathing makes it worse. I'm hoping things get better and get better fast. I feel completely beat down right, and the year is only 2 months old.

In better news, a big happy 1 day early birthday to Mrs Pooh! Hope you have a great day tomorrow!


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