Sunday, June 10, 2012


Okay, it's been a few weeks, and I'm trying desperately to remember what we've done. It's not going well. Typical.

So anyway, what I do remember. Last Thursday, I met up with an old friend of mine from SF - he was in town for a few days so I headed over to see him at my "work bar". We had a blast. It also worked out as the bartender (we consider him "our bartender") let me know that he had quit and that Friday was his last day. I texted my friends, and they came out also to say goodbye.

Friday was a short Friday, and we decided to give Mike (our bartender) one last sendoff. So we trucked over and for the last hour of shift hung out together. We now have to find a new local "work bar".

Saturday Blondie and I caught a train out to Queens, almost by JFK. My BFF from work lives over there - he rents a room in a house with a huge backyard so he threw a BBQ. It was so much fun - we almost didn't go b/c they thought of going all the way out to Queens was tiring, but I'm so glad we did. His girlfriend had a made a huge batch of sangria, and then his dad (a chef before he retired) did all the meats. We stuffed ourselves silly, made some new friends, and just had a blast.

Last Sunday Blondie had to work all day so I met up with bar friends at Pony Bar. We drank there for awhile before we decided that margaritas were in order. So we headed on down to Chelsea to a bar called "Trailer Park" which (go figure) was red-necky kitschy shit. There was literally a pregnant mannequin holding a bottle of beer and a cigarette. All kinds of awesome. The margs were pretty good, and we split some tater tot nachos. Afterwards, I stopped at Subway and took me and Blondie some dinner home.

Then here comes the good stuff - Monday - Wednesday were pretty lame, but Thurs, OMG Thursday. BLONDIE BETA LAUNCHED HIS GAME!!!! I'm so proud of him - he's worked his ass off on this game, and I can't believe what he's been able to do. The game rocks, so much fun to play! I met Blondie at poison bar around 4 pm to celebrate, and we had a couple of hours of just hanging out, doing shots, etc. Around 6 pm, a friend of ours from Texas showed up - we hadn't seen her in about 7 years, so it was really nice getting caught up with her. After poison bar, it was over to our local bar to have 1 last beer, before heading home.

Friday was a mess - I had a massive hangover, so the day felt like it took forever to finish. And then Blondie also had a super early flight Saturday morning so once I got home, it was just taking it easy. We woke up around 3:30 am Saturday morning to get Blondie out the door, and then I crashed out again until around 8 am. I did the P90X yoga DVD around 10 am, and then I cooked. I made a ropa vieja in our slowcooker, and then when that was ready that night, I threw together a quinoa and black bean side dish. I spent all day watching really crappy TV, and finally around 9 pm last night, caught up with eps of X-Files (Netflix) while spooning the cat.

Today was really awesome - but it started weird. We live right by where the cruise lines dock, and that includes the Disney cruise ship. They have a musical horn that plays the Disney theme song, and normally they only play it while they are leaving the docks. This morning though, they played it around 12 times between 9 and 10 am. It's REALLY loud. I wanted to go over and kick the shit out of that cruise ship. So I took my frustration out on my Insanity Core Cardio and Balance disc (and almost puked). But then the day got better, as I met up with my bar friend at Pony Bar for a bit. After a few drinks, we headed down to Union Square and shopped the day away before meeting up with her husband for many drinks and food. (They also told me that Mr Pooh is embedded in their hearts, they loved him so much when he was here).

Now I'm home, and NPH is hosting the Tony Awards. I've got some gummy bears, and might enjoy a whiskey in a bit. I might also DVR the rest of the Tonys and chill out in bed again watching some more X-Files.

No plans this week. Blondie is gone until next week, so it's going to be pretty low-key. I feel like I got in some good workouts over the past few weeks, so hoping to dive full-force back into eating right (whiskey, gummy bears - that's "eating right", right?) and working out hard-core.


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