Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Happy Father's Day

Sooooo, before I get started, I wanted to say one more time how proud I am for Blondie and his beta launch. The game really is incredible, and I'm amazed that he did all that by himself! If I worked from home by myself, what I would've accomplished is discovering how many gummy bears I could fit into my mouth at one time. So yeah, GO BLONDIE!

Last Sunday I konked out early. I set my DVR to record the Tonys, started an X-files episode, stopped it about 20 minutes in, and was dead asleep by 8:30 pm. My friend wore me out with all the shopping we did - it's amazing how just walking around the city made me so freaking tired!

Monday and Tuesday were pretty lame. Work is slow right now, gearing up to be extremely busy but slow right now. And the weather here in NYC has been atrocious. Pleasant temps, but overcase and/or rainy all day. So I took it easy on Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday was kind of a weird day. My BFF at work had a really bad day and he IM'd me around 2:15 pm trying to figure out where I was - I had my office door shut b/c I was on a call and he wanted me to hang up my call b/c he needed to talk. I couldn't do that but as soon as my call was done (around 3 pm), I grabbed him and we left the building. He ranted and raved for 20 minutes and then felt calmer to go back inside. Then that night, I went out to dinner with my boss and her other 2 direct reports. We had fun, but we went to a slightly fancier restaurant and then took over one of their tables for almost 3 hours. I hate doing that - the poor guy waiting on us wanted to flip tables, but we just kept sitting there. The conversation was good though, and the drinks were good.

Thursday I was really tired. Wednesday night, while not a late night, had a lot of drinks involved so I was in desperate need of an early bedtime. My bar friend texted that evening to come play trivia, but I just didn't have the energy. And Friday was another lame day - I got off work early and did some errands (grocery shopping, stop at the pet store for cat stuff) and then home to collapse and end the day.

Yesterday was better though. I did a really long gym workout in the morning, and then in the afternoon, walked over to Herald's Square and met my bar friend for a bit. We hit up a restaurant for a late lunch/early dinner, before stopping in a hair supply shop (we spent an hour in there) and making our way back to a new brewery that's opened near us. I fell in love with the bar, simply due to the awesome 80's music they were cranking. Afterwards, back to our local bar to meet up with the hubby and have a shot to celebrate the fact that he quit the job that he loathed (woo hoo!). We got to talking extensively about pizza while at the bar, so I took off around 9:30 pm to go order some pizza. But by the time I got home and booted up my laptop, I realized that putting a bunch of pizza into me at that time of night would not be conducive to my "lose weight before Slick's wedding" plan I've got going on. So I didn't order pizza, and instead just went to bed.

Now today I'm STARVING. I'm going to workout here in a little bit, then eat a big breakfast before I take off to get a pedicure. After the pedi, it's meeting up with my bar friends at Pony Bar for a bit, and then a friend from SF has been in NYC this weekend and I'm supposed to meet up with him for a drink tonight. And tomorrow, Blondie comes home!!!! Tigga and I are excited to get him back.

Happy Father's Day to the Sheriff.

And HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to TCKITW (the original)!!!! I can't believe she is 7 years old already! Love you cutie!

Workouts this week were on spot for once:
Monday - Max Cardio Recovery
Tuesday - P90X Shoulders & Arms; tabata situp interval
Wednesday - 3 miles on treadmill, 2 min walking x 2 min fast running - 35:58
Thursday - Rest day, walked home from work - 2 miles
Friday - Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance
Saturday - 1 hour on treadmill; 2 min walk x 2 min run uphills - 32 mins; 2 min walk x 2 min fast run - 28 mins; lifted weights
Sunday - ??? P90X Kenpo or Yoga; or Insanity Core Cardio and Balance


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