Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Blonde One Came Home!

Last Sunday, I eventually got off my butt and did a workout. Afterwards, I shovelled some texas caviar (black eyed peas, black beans, cilantro, jalapeno, garlic, green pepper, cherry tomato) and a veggie burger into my mouth faster than I thought possible (did I mention in my previous post I was STARVING?) Then it was shower time, followed by pedi time - I got a silver sparkle done this time around and it rocks.

Then Sunday Funday started - I met up with my bar friends at Pony Bar around 1 pm. We were joined by our trivia buddy around 2 pm. And we watched the Euro game, after which my SF friend showed up. Then it was off to another bar by our apartment to drink non high ABV beers, and catch up with my SF friend. He had an evening flight out of JFK so it wasn't long before I had to put him in a cab and then I headed home myself. Which gave me as solid 6.5 hours of drinking that day.

Monday I bolted from work early so I could clean the apartment in preparation for Blondie!!! He showed up around 6:45 pm and it was so good having him home. Tigga and I did our happy dance and both of us were going in for many hugs. After Blondie relaxed for a bit, he decided we should go to our local pub for a drink and to say hi to everyone. A few beers at our pub and then we headed off for some mexican food before going home and crashing.

Tuesday we took it easy, but on Wednesday, we headed back to our bar for some chicken wings. But they ended up being out of chicken wings, so after a few beers, we decided to go to Daisy Mae's for some BBQ. I wasn't in the mood for meat as it was almost 100 degrees out, but I got collard greens and mac&cheese.

Thursday it was even hotter than Wednesday, so Blondie called me to meet him at Pony Bar for ice cold beers. We had dinner and a few beers there before heading home. I had a surprise waiting for me that night. My parents had taken my favorite picture of Max and had a friend of theirs do a painting for me from that picture. It's incredible - the woman who did the painting got the fact that even though Max was black, he had some red in his fur that came out in the sun. She also got his little bald spot at the top of his bottom lip. I bawled my head off that night - I haven't stopped missing Max since we lost him; if anything, I miss him more now 6 months on. I still think I see him in the apartment sometimes if I catch a glimpse of a blanket or something wrong. So this picture is something I needed. It reminded me that my buddy is still with me in my heart, even though he's not here physically. But holy fuck do I miss him. And HUGE HUGE THANKS to my mom and dad!

Blondie knew what to do with my on Thursday. While I was still bawling, he poppped a bottle of wine and put in a chick flick (Under the Tuscan Sun) and then sat with me while I drank wine, and cried my way through the movie.

Friday went by pretty quickly. I had a bunch of morning meetings, and then I went to lunch with a friend, and then it was time to go home (we have early Friday leave times). Friday evening, we were getting ready to make spaghetti when Mr Pooh texted a picture of Mrs Pooh enjoying a beer, so then we decided to get into the beer. And then we got into the last of the wine. We also watched Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - which was a crazy good movie. All in all, a good way to spend a Friday.

Saturday - first off, Happy 11 Year Anniversary to the Poohs! Congrats you guys!

Also on Saturday, Blondie and I got tickets to see Potted Potter (off Broadway) - this was a 70 min "recap" of the Potter books - each book in 10 mins. It was definitely aimed at adults; they had lines like "Potter has 99 problems but a snitch isn't one of them" which set Blondie and I to laughing until we almost peed ourselves. It was a great play, cheap b/c it's off Broadway, and highly recommended to anyone Potter fan or not.

Afterwards we went home and got our wine delivery before we hit our local pub to say goodbye to one of our favorite bartenders. He's leaving to travel Europe for awhile and we are JEALOUS! We hung out at the pub into the evening, before going to buy a bunch of junk food and crashing out for the night.

Today we are meeting up with our bar friends and a friend of Blondie's from Texas at Pony Bar. Plans coming up for us include seeing "Harvey", a broadway play starring Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, on 7/3. I'm going to request 7/5 and 7/6 off, and we're going to try to go to Baltimore to visit another friend of Blondie's. If that doesn't work, we're going to visit the New England states (New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine). Then the weekend after that, it's off to KY for a few days. We have Wisc in August for a cousin's wedding, followed by Chicago in Sept for Slick's and PFunk's wedding.

Workouts this week were wooty woot good!
Sunday: P90X Kenpo
Monday: Insanity Cardio Recovery
Tuesday: 3 mile run on treamdill (full run) - 35:29
Wednesday: Insanity Core Cardio and Balance
Thursday: 3 miles on treadmill (2 min walk, 2 min fast run) - 35:35
Friday: R.E.S.T.
Saturday: 60 mins on treadmill (2 min walk, 2 min hill run x 30 mins; 2 min walk, 2 min fast run x 30 mins)
Sunday: ??? P90X Yoga? 30 Day Shred?


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