Sunday, July 01, 2012

TX friend, NY friends, wine

Last Sunday turned out quite well. We hit up our usual spot - Pony Bar - and had one of our favorite bartenders there. This bartender loooves Milwaukee, so in turn, loves Blondie. As soon as he saw us come in, he was excited which made us excited for Sunday. Soon after we arrived, our bar friends showed up followed closely by a friend of Blondie's from TX (he no longer lives there). I forgot how funny this friend of Blondie's is, and we spent the afternoon almost in tears from laughing so hard. Even our bartender was cracking up at this guy, and bought us many rounds on the house. We got home that night, and I crashed out for a few hours, and then was up until almost midnight b/c of my inadvertent nap.

Blondie texted on Monday that he wanted to hit up our normal bar b/c our bartender was back from his almost month long vacation. I headed over to the bar after work, and it was a fun evening just getting caught back up with him (he's the one we spend NYE with in Jersey each year). Some of the regulars were also there, and we spent the evening laughing and talking.

Tuesday and Wednesday were a bust. Work is picking back up speed so at least they went by fast. And then Thursday happened. It was like 95 degrees in the city on Thursday so I wore a skirt to work, which is all fine and dandy. Normally. My subway lline was down on Thurs night, and my train was running on a different line. It's a 45 minute walk home from work for me (2 miles ish) and sometimes I love that - I walk home maybe 2-3 times a month (usually when the thought of cramming into the subway platform 6 stories underground creeps me out). But I almost always know in advance I'm going to walk home. Long story short, very thin soled shoes, skirt and 95 degree weather - I have to strut myself 2 miles home in that. I rolled on home with blisters, burning feet on the soles, and massive chub rub.

Which then of course in my brain makes sense that I can have a glass of wine. Because I had to walk home. Blondie had run 6 miles that day so he saw me getting a glass of wine and decided he wanted one too. 4 bottles of wine later, we went to bed.

And then Friday BLEW. I was a little nauseous but mostly headachy and dehydrated - which is my typical wine hangover. The day felt like it took forever, but finally, finally, I got to leave work. I stopped on the way home for velveeta to make queso (Texas represent!) and gummy bears. And Corona b/c I desperately needed a hair of the dog. I got home, collapsed, had a beer, and then our bar friends called. Blondie and I decided to join them for "just a few" (famous last words). Our bartender was still excited to see us so next thing I know we've got shots of Jameson's in front of us. Other than that though, the night was good.

Yesterday we decided to take it easy. I was very tired anyway and my allergies are kicking my ass right now. So when our bar friends texted that they were out again, I declined the invite. I'm glad I did - Blondie and I ate pretty healthy yesterday and then spent the evening in bed watching movies. Today I've done a 1 hr, 45 min workout already, ordered some groceries and paid our rent. We're (of course) headed to Pony Bar around noon, but it might be an earlier day for me.

Plans coming up are AWESOME. Tomorrow night, I have a dinner for a friend who is moving to Florida - I'm meeting up with her and a bunch of my other friends (former coworkers mostly) in Koreatown for dinner and drinks. Tuesday I'm done at 1 pm, and then Blondie and me and my bar friends have tickets to see "Harvey" on Tuesday night (broken record, but the Broadway play starring Sheldon from Big Bang Theory) - we might even wait outside after to get his autograph. Wednesday we are headed up to our building friend's apartment for the fireworks show. They are on the 33rd floor and face the Hudson opposite of how we do. We'll be able to see the entire show from their place. And Thursday we leave for Baltimore. We'll be spending Thurs-Sat with another friend of Blondie's who used to live in Texas. A week from Thursday we leave for KY so that we can see my family for the first time in over a year (with the exception of Mr Pooh who was here in May). PHEW!

Workouts were good this week:
Sunday: P90X Kenpo
Monday: rest (oops, the bar happened intstead)
Tuesday: Insanity Max Recovery
Wednesday: 3 mile run on treadmill in 34:45 (almost threw up)
Thursday: Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance
Friday: rest (planned)
Saturday: P90X Yoga
Sunday: 3 mile run on treadmill in 34:46 (felt a LOT better than Wed), P90X Stretching


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