Sunday, July 22, 2012

Making a plane full of people clap for you

2 weeks of recapping into 1 glorious blog post. Oh yay. YAY FOR YOU!

The week that we went to KY was pretty lame. That Sunday after we got back from Baltimore, we did exactly nothing. No Pony Bar, no grocery shopping, no pedicure. Nothing but laying on the floor watching TV.

The week before KY went fast b/c it was 3 days long. And that Monday was my boss' first day back in over a week so she was feening to not be there - hence we turned our touchbase into a 2 hour lunch instead. Wonder why the week went so fast eh? But honestly, I'm starting to get super busy again, so it's making time at work fly by. I feel like I blink right now and the week is over.

Thurs we took off for KY. We decided to go out to the airport super early b/c the last time we flew out of JFK together, security was a disaster and we had to get pulled out of line and pushed to the front to make it through in time. So this time we got there 1:45 before our flight.... and got through security over an hour later. Which left no time for the lunch at the airport we had planned.

Our flight to KY was good though - they had just started running this connection the day before, so the flight was pretty dead. Brother R and the Sheriff picked us up in Louisville (or St Louis, KY if you were the flight attendant) and we took the hour ride back to Lex just chatting away. I hadn't seen them (or honestly even really talked to either of them in over a year) so it was really good getting to catch up.

Mr and Mrs Pooh did a cookout for us that night so we headed straight to their house. I got to see TCKITW and TCKITWv4.0 and be completely blown away by how big they are. Well, TCKITWv4.0 is petite, so not necessarily big. But I guess how different they look since I've last seen them. We spent the evening chatting with everyone (mom, sis, and Shugs were also at the Pooh's), eating, drinking and then we dove into a dirty card game - Cards Against Humanity. It made me and everyone else about pee themselves 25 times b/c it was so fucking hysterical.

Friday some of the group took off to tour Wild Turkey Distillery (me, Blondie, Mr and Mrs Pooh, the Sheriff and Brother R). It was a nice tour, free to the public with 2 tastes after. They don't bottle their bourbon on-site so the tour was faster than I was expecting. We spent some time at the gift shop afterwards terrorizing people with turkey calls, and drinking our tastes. Afterwards, it was back to Lexington for some mexican food (and margaritas and shots of tequila) before heading back to the parental units for some quality time.

Note: During the car ride on the way to Wild Turkey, Brother R mentioned that as part of a conf he attended (he has a very prestigious title/role at a start-up and is one of the public faces of the company), he got a swag bag with a bottle of NY bourbon in it. I instantly knew what he was talking about b/c Pony Bar carries this line of bourbons that I've been wanting to try for a long time, but it's $14 a pour. So we also stopped at Brother R's office and got this bourbon (Hudson Baby Bourbon).

Back at the parental units, we started playing board games and drinking heavily. I tried the bourbon that Brother R brought over, and we both agreed it tasted kind of like dirt. Not sure how that equates to $14 a taste at Pony Bar. I like almost all kinds of bourbon but would not go out of my way for this one. We ordered in pizza for dinner and just kept eating, drinking and playing games. And then around 11 pm, the Poohs headed out to go hear some music. Blondie and I were supposed to go with them, but I was completely toe up at that point (and farting) and Blondie had no energy. So we cancelled our plans on them.

Saturday, Brother R, Blondie and I met up with my BFF TT and her hubby for mexican food. Of course, more mexican food meant more shots of tequila. And margaritas and beer. We spent a couple of hours just getting caught up on each other's lives, stuffing ourselves and generally being obnoxious. It's a good thing TT is a regular there and Brother R knows the owner - our tab was ridiculously low for what we consumed.

Brother R dropped me and Blondie off at Mr Pooh's house after, and we stayed the day over there. TCKITW brought down her karaoke machine after I'd had a few more beers, so then I decided to show my singing chops (non-existent) off to the nieces. Blondie did a beautiful thing and video'd the entire experience. The nieces were dying and I thought the rest of the room was going to have a heart attack. Ahem, I SUCK AT SINGING.

The crew headed back to Brother R and Shugs that night for dinner. The rest of the family came and joined, and we again spent the evening playing cards, drinking heavily, and eating non-stop. That night ended around 11 pm, and Blondie and I said goodbye to everyone but the Sheriff and mom as our time rolled around to the end.

Sunday we had our flight out around 1 pm. We took off, and I fell asleep almost immediately, waking up to the captain saying due to traffic at JFK we were in a holding pattern (we were somewhere over the Atlantic at that point) and we would be about 45 minutes late into JFK. Also, the plane we were on had 3 seats per aisle - 1 on 1 side, 2 on the other side. Blondie and I were each in the 1-seater side right in front of each other at the front of the plane.

Okay, so the announcement is made that we were going to be 45 minutes late (we were out of holding and heading towards JFK at that point) and I become aware of a heated argument a few rows behind me. I tried to tune it out, but eventually I couldn't anymore. It's because there was a woman FREAKING THE FUCK OUT that she was going to miss her connecting flight, and she was having a massive spat with the flight attendant. She was trying to push her way to the front of the plane with all her bags and take a seat that was bulkhead (where she couldn't store her bags). The flight attendant (extremely calm - I was truly impressed with her) kept trying to tell the lady why she couldn't sit there, and this lady kept losing her shit.

So now they are standing in the aisle right beside me, and the jackass sitting in the row in front of me (not Blondie) pipes up his giant big fat asshole mouth and starts needling this crazy lady even more (which is EXACTLY what we need - someone butting in where they aren't needed). He keeps telling crazy lady he can guarantee her flight isn't leaving on time (oh really? you can guarantee this?) - she asked to switch seats with him and he said no way, there was no reason and really, what would that buy her?

Flight attendant speaks back up, trying to shut this guy up and tells crazy lady that if she doesn't sit down immediately she's going to get the pilot involved and we will be landing at the closest airport which, ahem, is not JFK. Alarm bells go off in my head, and I leap out of my seat, grab my shit - tell crazy lady to sit where I'm sitting and go flying back to take her seat. And like that, the ENTIRE airplane starts clapping for me (small airplane, it's not like I got a 777 to clap for me). :) We landed at JFK without incident, crazy lady is first off the plane, and I'm relieved that we are in NYC and not somewhere in Canada.

The rest of the week passed uneventfully. Blondie showed me the video he made of me karaoke'ing at the Pooh's and it took my breath away about how much weight I've gained - I'm not stupid, I know I've gained weight but I also work out regularly so I was fooling myself about how bad I actually look. Blondie feels the same way - he's gained a few pounds, so we had a long talk on Monday about what to do. And came up with a plan. WOOT! We will be doing weekly weigh ins at the house on Sunday, and planning our meals and cooking in again. The only thing we aren't giving up is Pony Bar on Sundays, and our local pub another night during the week.

This past week went FAST. I felt like I could barely breathe and it would be 5 pm before I even looked up from my work (it helped with cutting down on my eating so I'm grateful). My boss and I did another 2 hour lunch on Monday, and Blondie and I hit up our local pub on Tuesday. Then on Friday, it was horribly yucky and I had a short day, so we hit up Pony Bar on Friday afternoon around 4 pm for early dinner and a few beers. We kept it short and early, so although we already broke our rules that we set up, we were totally good there (3 beers each, each of us got a meal that was healthy).

Today we weighed in for our first time, and it sucked for both of us. But now we are off to Pony Bar b/c it's Sunday Funday!!! And that's all the plans we have.

Workouts - woot - hardcore again.
Monday: None - still full from all the eating I did over the weekend
Tuesday: Insanity Core Cardio and Balance
Wednesday: Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance
Thursday: 3 miles on treadmill in 39:52 (um, WTF?)
Friday: Insanity Cardio Recovery
Saturday: 3 miles on treadmill in 36:22 (okay, much better)
Sunday: P90X Plyometrics

Ready to eat. FOOD. NOW.


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