Sunday, August 05, 2012

I've got nothing today

I can't remember anything today - serious brain lapse.

Um... OK. So, here's what I do remember. 2 Sundays ago, we met our bar friend's husband out for many drinks at Pony. My bar friend was in California, but her hubby was still around. We hung out there for awhile before deciding we needed beers that weren't so high in ABV so we hit up Rivers bar for a bit. We got into a heated discussion about a topic there, but everyone was polite - because of that, before I knew it, we had been out all day.

The week itself was very lame - we stayed in every night simply because we had been gone 2 weekends in a row before. 2 Thursdays ago, my bar friend texted to come play trivia but I was pretty worn out (from doing nothing all week), so I declined. Work is going so fast right now too, it's like I blink and weeks are done. A nice change from the total drag fest they had been.

2 Fridays ago, it was my boss' 10 year anniversary with the company so 5 of us took her out to celebrate. We left work early (summer Friday) and I left even earlier because I was in charge of the booze pickup (the restaurant we chose had BYOB). We spent a couple of hours at lunch before taking our party to another bar. I showed up at home around 6 pm totally blotto.

That weekend was pretty dang lame, except for 1 thing. And that was "The Blowing Out of the Back". During that week leading up to the weekend, I had tweaked my back working out. I'm not sure what I did, but it was a pain down my left shoulder blade. It got better, worse, better, worse. I stretched out on Saturday and felt okay, but then on that Sunday, I blew it big time. I had gotten my shower in preparation for Pony, and as I reached down to get my towel, my whole back went. It took my breath so bad I thought I was going to pass out. I squeaked for Blondie and somehow he heard me, he helped me get dried off and then he laid me flat on our floor. I was crying a little, not breathing right and in severe pain. Blondie brought me pain killers and an anti-inflammatory, and helped me get them down. It took about 30 mins for the pain killers to kick in, and then I had a few vodkas to help even further. Blondie took off to Pony to pick us up a growler of beer, and to have a few beers with our bar friends, and I stayed home and sucked down vodka.

I can't even explain to you how bad that pain was - I thought I was going to have to go the ER. And then when I woke up on Monday, it was back to the usual shoulder blade pain only. No idea whatsoever how it was so bad for 1 day, and then okay the next. It's still tweaky today and I'm still being careful with it, but I'm so grateful last Sunday was over.

This past week, most of my office was off to the SF office (8 of them). So it was me holding down the fort. There are 5 senior people in my office, spanning 3 depts. 2 of us work across all depts, and the other 3 are specific to each of the depts. I was the only one left who works across all depts, so everything came to me this past week. I was an 11 hour outage call on Tuesday (10 am - 9 pm, sat at my desk with my headset on). And then the rest of the week was a mess too - the whole office is gearing up for something and I had to make sure everything stayed on track.

Friday I took a short day again (woot!) and met Blondie and my bar friends at our poison bar for drinks. While there, I got texted multiple times for work so had to deal with that each time. After poison bar, we headed to Pony Bar for many drinks and then it was to our local pub to end the night. Saturday we took it easy, just did our grocery shopping in the afternoon.

And then today was a madhouse. We met up with 12 of our friends to go play paintball in Staten Island. I don't play paintball (HATE. PASSIONATELY HATE) so I just came along and watched everyone's stuff and read my Kindle. It was like 100 degrees out today so the people that did play were soaked with sweat. We got back to the city around 2 pm and hit up Pony Bar with everyone for a few drinks before heading home so Blondie could shower and nap. And ice his knee. Because in one of the courses they did, there was a hill that was actually a small cliff (about 5 ft tall) and Blondie didn't realize it was a cliff so he went tearing up the hill and fell right off the side. And landed on his knee. Our friends said it was like watching someone jump into a pool - 1 second they are there, the next second they are gone.

Plans for this week - we leave for Wisc on Friday night for Blondie's cousin's wedding. Other than that, nada.


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