Sunday, August 19, 2012

Seriously, WTF is up with this year?

Well, I got the eating right and working out under control this week. I'm relieved on that front. It's still super hard, and I have to constantly remind myself that "gummy bears are bad for you", but I got through the week intact. Usually it takes me 2-3 weeks before I start feeling comfortable with everything, so I know I have another rough 1-2 weeks ahead of me.

The week itself was *super* boring. Work has gone into a taper period between 2 massive releases, so the pressure was off somewhat this week. 3 of my coworkers and I had a crappy Wednesday so we headed out and took a 2 hour lunch which was nice. But Wednesday still felt like it took forever to get through.

Thursday Blondie let me know that he couldn't launch his game on Friday because he found out late that he needed promotional images for the launch - required by Google. So that was a total bummer on Thursday. We had been planning on super celebrating on Friday, and now we are in a holding pattern until tomorrow (hopefully).

Then, Thursday (and 2012 in general) pulled a fast one on us and made the day even worse. My mom went into the ER on Thursday night with heart problems. The upper chambers of her heart had stopped working. They ended up having to put her under anethesia on Friday, put a scope down her throat to ultrasound her heart for blood clots, and then shock her heart back into starting. Thursday and Friday were horrible days - we were terrified for my mom, and not being close enough to get to Lexington quick was horrifying. Luckily, the shock worked for her, and she is now feeling better than she has in a long time.

The 40-ish minutes it took from the time my sister told me they were taking my mom in for the ultrasound/possible shock until the time she texted back to tell me the shock worked were the longest 40 mins of my life quite honestly. I just laid in a ball on our bed, praying (I'm not religious at all) to whatever being is out there to keep my mom safe.

After the good news, we decided drinks were in order so we headed over to our local pub for many drinks into the evening. I stayed with scotch and Blondie stayed with bourbon in order to keep our low-carb diet on track. We got to catch up with our bartender who is back from his Ireland trip, and see our bar friends for the first time that week. We stayed a lot longer than we had planned as everytime we tried to tab out, our bartender would be like "oh oops, I spilled more scotch/bourbon into your glass!"

Yesterday was a good day. It was beautiful weather out first off (it had been raining all night Friday and into Saturday early morning and then cleared off). And then Blondie and I had tickets to see a play in the NYC Fringe Fest - a friend of mine from work is an actor/singer and he had a role in one of the plays in the Fest. We loved the play! It was a musical about inept pirates, and we were in tears from laughing at points. Plus, only $15 a ticket, and it was in the West Village area which we *love*. So that was pretty good.

We stopped on the way home from the play and did a little grocery shopping to stock up on fresh food. Then we headed home to collapse. Last night, I got to talk to my mom for a long time - she sounds so much better than she had been sounding, and they actually released her from the hospital on Saturday which made Saturday a billion fucking times better than Thursday and Friday. And then we watched American Reunion (it was eh) and Hunger Games (heart!), before crashing out for the night.

Today it's off to Pony but maybe without Blondie - he's working hard to get everything lined up for tomorrow. I hope he can join but understand if he can't.

Workouts this week included:
Monday - none; full from the previous weekend of debauchery.
Tuesday - Insanity Cardio Recovery
Wednesday - 30 Day Shred level 1; Bob's Bootcamp level 1 (only did half of Bob's workout)
Thursday - Wii Fit Island Workout (hard level)
Friday - 30 mins on treadmill; 2 mins walking at 4.1 mph; 2 mins running at 5.5 mph (SUCKED) + 5 min cool down after
Saturday - 28 mins on Precord (weight loss program) + 5 min cool down after; lifted weights
Sunnday - P90X Kenpo

Meals were good this week - Blondie and I are doing low carb for 3 weeks to lose weight for Slick's wedding. Today is my cheat day (which means beers at Pony).

Happy Birthdays! Happy 9 day late birthday to Brother R; Happy 8 day late birthday to sis; Happy 1 day early birthday to Mr Pooh!

Game launch! If all goes well, and you own an Android OS phone, check out Google Play tomorrow for the launch of Apoc 12 (a Savage Road Game production)!!!!! GOOOOOOOOO BLONDIE!


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