Monday, August 13, 2012

2012 is not our year

I'll be honest - this year has been a bit crappy. Both Blondie and I are in a bit of a funk right now, and I just keep thinking "survive until January, it will be better". Now, nothing horribly bad has happened to us this year - with the exception of losing Max. It just feels like a lot of tiny little shitty things are adding up to a big shitty year.

Our week was definitely low-key. I left work a slight bit early on Monday as I was in dire need of a pedicure - so I headed back to our hood to try and get to my pedi place before it got crazy busy with the after-work crowd. But I was a bit too late - and every woman was busy working on someone already, and there was someone else waiting for her turn. So I just headed on home and finished up work for the day from there.

Tuesday, a coworker and I went for lunch which always makes my day go fast. We ended up just getting caught up with each other's lives and taking a bit longer lunch. It was definitely needed even though I had to stay at work later that night to get caught

Wednesday I left work a bit early again - due to a really bad day at the office. A bunch of stuff happened that day - ending with someone I respect having to leave the office as he was at his breaking point. I looked around my desk late afternoon and thought, "I'd rather be with Blondie right now", so I left to be with Blondie. We went for dinner and some beers at Pony Bar, before I had to head home and finish up work for the day.

Thursday was another late night at work as I was gearing up for our Friday trip to wisc. I was trying to get everything sorted out and ready, so that the person covering for me for weekend work wouldn't be overwhelmed.

And then Friday, oh Friday. I got to work and we're about to go into freeze phase for one of our launches. So everything that we needed to fix bubbled up on Friday. We spent the morning going through everything and figuring out what we truly needed to deal with. While that was going on, my cell phone rang but I ignored it because we were knees deep in work. About 15 mins later, I listend to my voicemail and it was Delta auto-call telling me our flight to Wisc was cancelled. I logged into their site to rebook us, and there were no options whatsoever, so I called them and got into a 2.5 hour wait queue. Long story short - we didn't go to Wisc this weekend. We missed Blondie's cousin's wedding, we missed seeing everyone, I missed meeting the new nieces. Woo. F'ing. Hoo.

To top that off, I had to work a full day on Friday because of the mess coming into freeze. I took home a bunch of beer that night, so that Blondie and I could forgot that shitty Friday happened. Saturday we didn't do anything either - other than having to work Saturday morning and afternoon due to freeze phase. Also, I have some bad allergies going on, so Saturday night, we had to make a trip to CVS to get me allergy meds. But other than that, nothing.

Yesterday I finally got my pedicure - my feet were looking horrendous so the pedi was a very good thing. Afterwards, I met up with my bar friends at Pony for many beers and lunch. Blondie joined us a bit later, but the day was good in general. Minus the text messages asking me to do stuff for work. Those I could live without.

I have something else to say - and my apologies to everyone (I'm having a massive pity party for myself right now). I'm so f'ing tired of being porky. I have yo-yo'ed my way through weight loss for almost 20 years now, and I'm sick and tired of it. I know what to do to lose weight - obviously I've been very successful at it over the past 20 years. I also know what to do to gain weight - obviously I've also been very successful at that too over the past 20 years. What I don't know how to do is maintain. So here I go again - talking about losing weight, working on losing weight - I'm like a broken record. I'm boring myself with the same talk, so I can't even imagine what you guys reading this think. But yeah, I'm back up fatty mcfattbutt again - so be prepared for blog talk to go back somewhat to "healthy eating, working out, non-drinking type activities". Minus Sundays - because there is no way I'll give up my Sunday Fundays.

Thanks for reading. Sorry for being a mega bitch today.


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