Monday, February 18, 2013

1 Year

I'm typing this from the comfort of my bed because I'm officially unemployed. For 1 week. Which means for 1 week, I don't have to move from said bed if I don't want to. I'm super excited about this, and actually do plan to spend one day not doing anything but watching bad TV (in bed) and cuddling the cat <- he's not thrilled.

This week was a weird one - so many conflicting emotions, good and bad.

So this past Tuesday started the week off well - I finally found out from my boss who was taking over my role. It ended up getting split between several people, but at least I could then start doing handoff. And then Tuesday night, Blondie and I headed out to Esca - Mario Batali's seafood restaurant - to celebrate my new job. I've been wanting to eat here since we moved to NYC, and we *finally* got around to it.

The food was excellent - we started with scallops in tangerine sauce, and followed that with baked crab and tuna meatballs, and followed that with spaghetti with lobster, mint and chilis, and then followed that (holy crap, do we eat a lot or what?) swordfish for Blondie and cod for me. I really liked this place - the tuna meatballs were my favorite things followed by the spaghetti. The only downside was our waiter seemed to disappear for long stretches, but Blondie and I took it in stride and just used it as a chance to talk a lot. After Esca, we hit up Dunkin Donuts for dessert. All in all, a really good evening.

Wednesday I went with my 2 BFFs from the office for lunch - we must've spent 1.5 hours out, enjoying what we knew would be our last lunch together. It was during this lunch that I realized that saying goodbye to everyone on my last day was going to be a bitch. I was a little emotional during the day but kept it to myself. And then Blondie brought me home roses on Wed night, which helped a lot - thanks Blondie!

Thursday was V-Day. Blondie and I don't really celebrate, so when my 1 BFF from the office invited me and my 2nd BFF from the office along with our spouses over for dinner, we jumped at it. His girlfriend cooked us an amazing dinner of dal, lamb biryani, and okra. And my 2nd BFF brought a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue along which I drank half of for him. And his wife brought along pastries from a little shop near their house - which I ate half of for them. I brought nothing along but myself - which, I mean, pretty much rocks.

The backtrack slightly, on Thursday, I got sent an issue that had been found in our release for this week - and it was critical. So went spent the afternoon digging into the issue, writing up unlocks, figuring out how the issue showed up in the first place, etc. When we left the office to go to 1 BFF's apartment, I figured that was the last of work for me - and was a little happy that there had been 1 last "thing" I got to assist with and be a driver in getting resolved. Okay, so then when we were in the cab on the way back to our apartment on Thursday night, I finally checked my phone for the first time all evening. And then had to go home, log in to work, and work with QA to make sure they understood how to test. 4 hours left in my tenure, and I got called. As I told Blondie, it was kind of nice having one more WTF moment.

Friday I was hungover. And I knew as soon as I got to the office, it was going to be an emotional day. One of my coworkers had written the nicest note on my whiteboard, and as soon as I walked in, I saw it. And started crying. And had to shut my door for 10 minutes until I calmed down. I was then okay until I sent out my "good-bye" email - responses started coming in immediately and then I cried some more (with my door shut). Then the VP of the company IM'd me and asked me to leave for drinks a bit early (we had a half day on Friday and she had an appt scheduled, so she wanted to around 12:45 pm so that she could get 1 last drink with me). She came to my office to get me around 12:45, and I handed her my badge and VPN token, and she said "Oh Kerri" really quietly and shook her head, and then I started full on ugly crying. All the way down the hall and out the door. I didn't say good-bye to anyone. I finally got calmed down outside and then was uber embarrassed.

A lot of my friends came for good-bye drinks. We spent all afternoon at the bar, I leaked tears a little more but not full on crying. My boss stayed the longest with me. She brought me a very nice bottle of expensive tequila and the VP brought me a bottle of really expensive scotch. And then I cried a little more on my walk home. I got home around 6:30 pm and Blondie and I decided to go to our local for a quick drink, but it was super crowded when we got there, so we just ended up getting some food and going home.

And then it was Saturday. And I'm hoping this is the last time I talk about this on the blog (but I certainly have him in my brain everyday), but Saturday was a year that Max had died. I spent the morning crying some more - I really missed him on Saturday and when the time hit 10:10 am, which is when we lost him, I lost my shit for a few minutes. After I got myself under control, we decided to clean the apartment. We spent several hours throwing shit out, vacuuming up a ton of dust, etc. I felt a lot better after we were done. And then Blondie let me have the afternoon to myself - I ate cheese curds and watched bad TV and forced Tigga to sit with me. We ordered in chinese food for dinner and rounded out the night with The 3 Musketeers.

Yesterday I did some yoga, and then met up with my bar friends at Pony. I enjoyed many beers and a delicious grilled cheese (loaded with bacon and tomato). My bar friend's husband left early, and then my bar friend and I headed up to a mexican restaurant in our hood for guacamole and nachos. I rolled in around 6 pm, loaded down with vitamin waters and gummy bears. Go me!

No plans for the week - just a lot of relaxing before the stress of starting a new job.

Workouts - trying to get back on track:
Tuesday - 3.1 mile on treadmill in 41:58 (hahahaha - wtf?); 5 min cooldown; little bit of weights
Thursday - 30 mins on bike, 2 mins level 12, 2 mins level 7; 5 min cooldown
Sunday - P90X Yoga


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