Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Week Without Work

If I ever won the lottery, I would not be one of those people who kept working because they'd be bored without work. Nope, not me. I'd quit, and never look back.

So obvs, I had a great week. A really great week.

It started on Monday. I met up with my bar friend around 1 pm for lunch. We hit up a new BBQ place in our hood, and it was pretty good - and it has killer drink specials which always makes me happy. After lunch and a few beers, she had some shopping she needed to do, so off we went down to the Union Sq area. We spent the afternoon shopping away, and I helped her back to her apt with her bags. Then we went out for one last beer for the night at our local, before we both headed home, exhausted from all our shopping.

Tuesday it was off to get my roots done. It was a great time at the salon - it was rainy and cold out, and the salon was warm, so I fell into a light sleep almost immediately (my eyes were open, and I knew what was going on, but it felt like everyone was a million miles away talking in light voices) - and then when I headed out afterwards, I felt great from my inadvertent 3 hour "nap". After my roots, I stopped in at my favorite nachos place and got me a huge platter of buffalo chicken nachos. Along with a lot of beer. Once the nachos place started filling up with people (and seriously, 3:30 pm on a Tuesday and the bar is getting packed? What do you people do where you can be at the bar at 3:30 on Tuesday? And are you hiring?), I took off to Pony for several beers and got caught up with the bartender there who I hadn't seen in awhile. And finally around 5 pm, I went to our local bar to end the night. Blondie met me there, we ate dinner, and got caught up with everyone as it had been awhile since we'd been in together.

Wednesday I wanted a burrito for lunch, so I headed out around 11:45 to get one. Brought it home, along with some beers and gummy bears, and spent the afternoon in bed, watching TV and cuddling the cat. No lie. All afternoon.

And Thursday was a nice day also - I decided a salad from poison bar was what I wanted for lunch. So I stopped on the way to the bar and bought the latest issue of US Weekly, and then plopped at the bar for several hours, reading my magazine and enjoying my day. That afternoon, Blondie texted and asked me to meet him for dinner down by his work. So I took a 3 mile walk down the island to see Blondie (note: the wind was ferocious on Thursday evening, and it took me about 30 mins to heat up once inside the restaurant - never, ever, again will I walk 3 miles down the island in February. Lesson learned). We hit up a mexican restaurant for dinner - I had margaritas and fajitas, and Blondie had a burrito. We split guacamole and tortilla soup. And then we cabbed it home to end our day.

Friday I ordered in food for lunch, and was in the middle of watching crappy TV when Blondie opened the door to the apartment. He came home about 4 hours early and brought me tulips! It was such a nice surprise. We took it fairly easy the rest of the day, and around 6:20 headed on out. We met up with bar friend to go to an interactive theater experience called "Sleep No More". Basically this theater company took over a warehouse in Chelsea, and they converted it to look like a creepy old hotel. And then they re-enacted scenes from Macbeth and some Hitchcock movies all throughout the warehouse. You could explore at will, so if you saw an actor, you could follow them until they did something. Or you could just wander through the rooms. You wore a mask and couldn't talk the entire time - although if you took a break at the bar (which I did, and watched their jazz band which rocked) you could take off your mask and talk. I saw a bloody orgy (which I renamed vampire orgy) and found the candy room in the hotel, where I sat for about 10 minutes eating from the candy jars. They had an insane asylum floor which freaked me out - on that floor, I had a sexy nurse squeeze my ass, then strip an actress naked and dump her in a bathtub where the water immediately turned bloody. Awesome sauce. As weird as it sounds, it was pretty cool and intense. And it made me love NYC even more.

After the play, the 3 of us headed back to our hood and went back to my nacho bar, and I again had a giant platter of buffalo chicken nachos. We talked our way through what we had seen at the show (you split up in the hotel, so even though we went together, we didn't go through the hotel together). My favorite things had to have been the dead baby doll in the giant ashtray, or the mobile above an old crib made with headless dolls. So freaking creepy.

Saturday was low-key. I'm trying to get back in the mindset of yes, I do have a job I have to go to tomorrow. And it sucks. So we spent Saturday doing nothing. I took a nap in the afternoon and then we watched some Star Wars, but that was literally about it.

And today is going to be spent being nervous. It's been a long time since I've started a new job (I don't consider NYC move starting a new job b/c I already knew everyone from working with them while in SF) - and my nerves are kicking in. I just hope I do ok, and don't embarrass my friend who called me in for the position.

Workouts! GO ME!
Monday: 3.1 mile run in 40:58 (and seriously. W.T.F?), 5 min cooldown; ton of weights
Tuesday: none, hair appt
Wednesday: 3.1 mile speedwork - 2 mins at 4.1 mph, 2 mins at 5.8-6.5 mph - in 36:57, 5 min cooldown; ton of weights
Thursday: 3.1 mile run in 37:22 (FINALLY), 5 min cooldown; P90X Ab Ripper X; P90X Stretching; 3 mile walk down to Blondie's office
Friday: 10 miles on bike - 2 at level 7, 2 at level 12 - 41:28, 5 min cooldown
Saturday: Insanity Cardio Recovery; tabata push-up interval


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