Monday, February 11, 2013

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

I'm going to start full recaps next week again, but here are the highlights of what's been going on. For the last month. Oops.

1) Travel! 5 states, 4 timezones, 3 days. I hit up Spokane for a few days before flying down to SF for work. Spokane was beautiful - a lot of snow, but it made it really peaceful. My aunt and uncle are still crazy - which I love. And the highlight of it all, was that on my flight from Salt Lake to SF (Spokane->Salt Lake->SF - how is not easier to get down the west coast?) Ashton Kutcher was in the first class section. The non-highlight of that highlight was that I hadn't showered in almost 24 hours. And second non-highlight was that I creepy stared him down once I realized it was him. Shame.

2) Ca-burlesque! My bar friend was in another cabaret/burlesque show this past weekend. Several of us went out to cheer her on, and the night took off from there. Somehow I blinked and it was 3 am and I was rolling in drunk to the apartment (and waking up a sick Blondie in the process). Ugh. I'm almost 40, have I mentioned that?

3) N.E.W. J.O.B! This is what has been taking up my time - between interviews, travel, quitting, doing KT at the office, etc - but it's all good. Because it's leading to an opportunity that I'm so very excited for! I don't mention corporate names on this site, so I won't give that out, but I will say the interview felt like a party, and I can't wait to get going in my new office/role.

4) Getting to see all my SF friends one last time! It worked out extremely well that my SF trip was planned in advance, b/c I got to see everyone again - I didn't get to say goodbye in person to people b/c the new job offer wasn't finalized until that week (and I didn't want to say anything until I told my boss), but my week in SF was definitely a good one. I was out every single night, and got to see almost everyone I know and love in SF. Thanks work!

5) Exercise? Ha. No. None of that. I am feeling very pudgy right now, so I will definitely be picking back up on exericse - but I've been basically too excited about #3, and celebrating every night, to do anything active. I have been trying to walk home several days a week, but that doesn't even begin to counteract the damage I'm doing right now.

6) Snowstorm Nemo! Or as Blondie put it, "any other day in Wisconsin". NYC didn't get hit that badly, and it was pretty while it happened. And it gave us an excuse to head to Pony - 14% ABV pours while watching a blizzard? Not bad folks. Not bad. (14% ABV pours = Goose Island Bourbon Barrel Stout)

Plans coming up include - celebration dinner (for my new job) tomorrow night with Blondie; going away party on Wed for work; hanging out with my work friends and their sig others on Thursday; and immediate friend's going away party on Fri (i.e. my closest and bestest at the office only).

Then I have a week off (woot!) Where I will be going to see Annie on Broadway, getting my roots done, visiting Blondie for lunch, getting a pedicure, getting my eyebrows threaded, and a solo lunch at the bar that does my favorite nachos in the world. And sleep.

Full recaps going forward starting on Sunday. I promise.

Happy today.

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