Sunday, March 03, 2013

Week 1

So week 1 at the new job went quite well - I'm cautiously optimistic that I'll end up really liking the company and the work that I'll be doing.

The week started off with a trip out to Brooklyn for orientation. I was pretty nervous on the way out, but ended up really enjoying it as I met someone at orientation who was going to be working at my location right off the bat (multiple locations for my company). We ended up taking the train back to our location after our orientation, and then spent the afternoon getting introduced around our office. I ended the day by meeting Blondie and our friends at our local for drinks to celebrate day 1 being done.

The rest of the week was pretty good also. My work is walking distance from my apartment, and I'm really enjoying the trek up and back for the day. I'm already pretty involved in several things, and the people are really friendly, and to be honest, it feels like I've worked there for 6 months instead of 5 days.

Thursday evening, my bar friend called and I went and met her and another friend of ours for trivia. 2 guys sat down at the table next to us right before trivia started, and they ended up starting a conversation with me. We ended up talking about work situations, and guy 1 mentioned that guy 2 works at a .com in the fashion industry (a very important, well-known one). So I mentioned something about where I used to work, and they asked what I did there, so I told them. Then I asked friend 2 what he did at his company - and yes, he is the CEO of it (I googled him on my phone to confirm - and it was him). I felt like a giant jackass. Then friend 1 asked what I thought about a new hotel in our hood, and I mentioned that I had never been but another friend of mine loves the brunch there. It turns out that friend 1 owns the hotel. (I googled that too). In the end, they ended up taking my email so they could send us discount codes for the website, and brunch tickets for the hotel. I'd call that a successful night! After the trivia (which we blew at), we headed back to our local for some more drinks. 1 drink there turned into another 3 hours, and it was 1 am before I knew it.

On Friday, I was pretty tired and miserable all day, but since I am new at work, I didn't say anything to anyone about it - just sucked it up. Blondie met me after work was done (holla, 5:15!!!!) and we walked back to our neighborhood together. We ran an errand and then stopped at poison bar for drinks and dinner. Around 6:30, we headed to our local and met up with all of our bar friends. We ended up partying the night away, many shots ensued and the internet jukebox got a workout.

Yesterday, Blondie and I finally did some grocery shopping. After eating every meal out for the past month, we were dying for some home-cooked food. Our little grocery store shut down in January and moved down the street - and they had just re-opened on Thursday so we went to try it out. It was very clean and pretty but extremely cramped. We have to figure out if we need to find another grocery or not. Then in the afternoon, I met up with my bar friend for brunch (not at the hotel, but at another fav of ours). We had a couple of beers and some food before I helped her with her grocery shopping and got her back to her apartment.

Today was spent being lazy. I slept in late and then took it easy, watching TV all afternoon. It's back to work tomorrow - and I'm hoping that I continue to enjoy it!

Workouts - NONE! The first week took a lot out of me mentally, so I rolled with it. I'm hoping to get a workout in tomorrow night (I hate Monday morning workouts) before rolling back into a bunch of morning workouts this week.


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