Sunday, March 17, 2013

Feeling Good. Feeling Real Good.

Overall, I've truly enjoyed my new job. Which makes me grateful. I can honestly say the last 3 weeks of work have been the fastest 3 weeks of my work-life. I feel like I wake up on Monday, and it's Friday before I know it.

So I've been helping on a massive project this past week at work, which also has contributed to making things fly by. I was just supposed to be assisting the person in charge, but due to personal reasons, this person had to be off of work on Thursday and Friday. Which meant I took over. I didn't exactly "knock it out of the park" but for only being at my job for 2.5 weeks, I definitely held my own. My boss' boss even came by at least 5 times last week to tell me thank you.

On Wednesday, we had a late night. I was at work with a few others until almost 9 pm trying to get things ready for our "army of temps" on Thursday. Around 9 pm, we got things prepped and ready for Thursday, so we decided to go join a going-away party that one of our 3rd party companies was throwing for one of their employees. It ended up being a blast. I was nervous because even though I feel I've fit in well, it's always nerve wracking at one of your first company outings where you don't know anyone well enough to be truly yourself.

I walked in with the few people who I had stayed late at the office with, and was accosted almost immediately by people happy that I was there. (The 3rd party company picked up the entire bar tab). Next thing I know I've got a scotch in one hand and a shot of tequila in the other. My boss' boss also came with us, and he pulled me aside for about 15 minutes to talk - it was a really good conversation, just him letting me know that so far he's impressed with what I've done. I also know this woman at work whom I really want to be friends with - she's just nice and friendly and really reminds me of my BFF from the SF office of my old company. Anyway, she was there and she came up as soon as I walked in and we spent about an hour in conversation. I left the bar around midnight, just truly feeling at peace for the first time in a long time.

Friday I almost made a big mistake at work. I caught it before anything bad happened, but I was pretty shaky about it after. I was working pretty heavily with another group on Friday also, so I had moved over to their section. I had given my boss' boss the basics about what I had almost screwed up, and after I got it fixed, he came by to where I was crashing in the office see what had truly happened. He got to laughing when he heard about it, and just said "no biggie, you caught it. That's all that matters". So I told him that I was having trouble regaining my equilibrium (just a new job, you hate to make a mistake). Anyway, I was sitting by one of the guys I had talked to at the bar on Wednesday, and he turned to me (while my boss' boss was there) and just had the nicest words to say about it all. He got me calmed down. The people at my new company are just so nice.

I ended up staying late on Friday night, trying to get one last issue resolved. There were about 5 of us left around 8 pm when we got everything going for the project I got dumped on. Everyone was all "thanks for staying! You didn't have to do that!" So anyway, I just feel good right now. I know I'm in the honeymoon stage of my new job, and that I will definitely have bad days and good days, but I'm glad it has started off well.

I met Blondie on Friday night at our local after everything had wound down at work. All of our friends were there and we spent several hours getting caught up with everyone. We decided Thai food sounded good, so around 10 pm, we left our bar and headed for dinner. Blondie had a good day also, so we got to just chat and eat some good food. Not a bad way to end the week.

Saturday was yuck. It started snowing early and it kept up All.Day.Long. Last year on St Patrick's day, I wore a long-sleeved t-shirt and was fine. This year, I was bundled up in sweater, heavy coat, scarf and was still freezing. Around 1:30 pm I headed down to Greenwich Village area and met up with 2 of my girlfriends from my old job for brunch at Minetta Taver. We had a blast - from many drinks, to just shooting the shit, it was a great time. I had 3 "Kentucky Dawn" drinks - bourbon, espresso syrup and orange, and a massive burger. Sooooo good. On my way home, once I got to my neighborhood, I ran into my one of other friends from Pony Bar - just got to say hi to him and do a quick catch up. Last night, Blondie and I stayed in and ordered in food and just watched TV.

Today is actually our 13 year together-versary. We didn't even realize it until about 2 hours ago. We ended up making reservations to a burger place in our hood for dinner tonight. Also today, we had groceries delivered in and both of us did a good workout (the first for me in a week).

All in all, feeling good right now.


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