Monday, March 11, 2013

Dirty 30

Week 2 at work was an odd one. But I'm kind of an odd one, so I feel like I will fit in well at my new company.

On Tuesday, I had to start working on an assignment (manual work) that I knew we couldn't get completed in the deadline required. I got through what I could on Tuesday and was a mess Tuesday night. My hands and wrists were bruised, and my feet and legs were fried because I had been standing all day long. They decided to bring in some temps starting Wed to finish everything off and I almost cried with happiness.

Wednesday and Thursday were kind of low-key days. Being new, I was a little bit bored. I want to help, but right now my assignments are all "get done in an hour" type of assignments.

And Friday actually helped a lot. Around 10:30 am, they realized there was a problem with the manual work assignment the temps were doing (the temps weren't doing anything wrong - I didn't give the wrong instructions, but the wrong instructions were given to me and I had given those to the temps). So we had to stop the temps from what they were doing. And then there was scrambling to come up with the right instructions. And then I got pulled away from my desk and moved into the main area of the office around 4 pm to help with testing the right instructions. And I was relieved - because I felt like one of the gang. The CTO came through the office around 4:45 pm and passed out some beers, and I got to joke around with people, just generally feel like I was fitting in. I stayed until around 7:15 pm, and was happy to do so.

I was though exhausted when I got home on Friday night. I just took some beers home and then we ordered in dinner. And I collapsed in front of the TV.

Saturday was a much better day though. We got up super early and did our grocery shop, and were done by 10 am. I then finally did a workout for the first time in 2 weeks. And then we made lunch. And then we both went back to bed for 3 hours. Around 6 pm, we started a dance party in our apartment (Blondie played the music, I danced my ass off) and then around 7:30, headed off to celebrate my bar friend's 30th birthday! (and yes, I feel old right now).

We started at our local bar for drinks and meeting up with everyone. Then we headed up the street to a restaurant in our hood - there were about 12 of us, and we took over a large portion of their patio. After the restaurant, Blondie and I went back to our local bar to pick up the cupcakes they were holding for us (it was a surprise from my bar friend's husband to my bar friend, and Blondie and I just had to pick them up and bring them to our next locale). We had a drink at the local before trucking back up to Times Square area and going to karaoke! We had our own private room with unlimited drinks and we sang the night away. Before we knew it, it was 3 am (time change) so Blondie and I bowed out and headed to McDonald's in Times Square for late night eats. And were home in bed around 3:30 am. Which is the latest we've been up in a looooooong time.

Yesterday was horrible. We slept until 1 pm, and then finally got up. We met up again with my bar friend and her husband for a late lunch at my nachos place, and then came back home and fell back asleep for the afternoon. A bit of TV last night, and it was back in bed around 10 pm. And I'm STILL dead on my feet today. I honestly could sleep for another 5 hours.

Old. So. Old.


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