Monday, June 22, 2015

Is It Friday Yet?


First off, my instagram is kerrijl, not what I put down last time. My bad. It's mostly pics of my cat and my drinks, 2 of the 3 things I love the most in this world ;) Blondie being the other one of course.

AA had last week off for vacation and he stayed in the city so the week was pretty jammed pack. He texted on Monday that he was at the bar with Glitter and Heinie (who were just back from having to bury Glitter's brother), so I headed on over to the bar to hang out and see how Glitter was doing. We kept it kind of early that night, just a few drinks and making sure Glitter was okay.

Also on Monday, I put out an ad on a website for getting an editor for my book. I explained the content in detail and asked people not to apply if it made them squeamish. I ended up getting back over 30 applicants which was incredible. It made me feel okay about this whole process for the first time in ages, although it did take me forever and a year to get through everyone's proposal.

On Monday night late, my English girlfriend showed back up for the first time in 3 months, and she texted Tuesday morning to see if we were in for lunch. I got ahold of AA and the 4 of us (me, AA, Glitter, English GF) met at a local food court for a few beers, a few cocktails and salads. After lunch, we all went our separate ways, but I met back up with AA at 4 pm at the bar. Everyone ended up joining us eventually but again, it was an earlier night, which worked out well.

On Wednesday, AA texted around 3:30 pm from the bar so I headed back on over and hung out with him then. We all had to make it an early night once again, but it turns out, I kind of enjoy that. A few beers, home by 7:30 pm, a good healthy dinner, and then I feel fine the next day. I wish AA could have the week off every week!

Thursday I STAYED IN. It was needed. Also on Thursday, I picked a person to be my editor. She seems really friendly, had really great reviews on the website where I placed the ad, was reasonable with her prices, and responded almost as soon as I awarded her the job, asking to get the book so she could get started. She gave me a quote of 7 days so I'm assuming by end of week this week or very beginning of the week next, I'll have everything ready to go!

And on Friday, I had a brainstorm for another book. I started on my non-sex book which has been kind of liberating. But then I had a completely different idea for the next sex-themed book so I spent the afternoon outlining that thing on Friday. I'm excited about it all!

Then on Friday as well, my English GF had 2 of her English girlfriends fly in for a visit so I met the 3 of them at the wine bar in the hood for a few hours. Afterward, we all headed over to the local where we ran into our building friends (who are no longer our building friends, they moved out last week). I thought we'd never see them again but they were both in the city after work and thought they'd swing over and say hi! Friday night was late. Blondie joined us after a happy hour with his work group. Shots were drank. Songs were sang. Pictures were taken. We finally left to get dinner, where I picked out a salad (WTF? After drinking all night long? NOT a good idea).

Saturday we stayed in, nursing serious hangovers all day. We actually ordered pizza at 10 am and then I ate a bag of spicy cheetos for dinner. Breakfast and dinner of champions. We watched shit movies off Netflix all night long (I, Frankenstein. You're welcome). And cured ourselves by hair of the dogging it.

Yesterday started out weird. We've had what we call a "roach bubble" on our bathroom ceiling for a few months now. By "roach bubble", I mean that the paint had pulled away from the ceiling in a bubble formation and Blondie said one day how gross it would be if the bubble split and roaches were behind it and they went all over the place. It's creeped me out since he said that. Anyway, I showed it to the maintenance men one day when they came in to check our filters (they asked if there was anything else they should check out while they were looking at our filters) and they weren't concerned with it. Yesterday, the cat started freaking out, running back and forth from the bathroom to the bedroom. I finally figured out that there was water dripping from the "roach bubble". We had to put in an emergency repair request (the apartment above ours had a leaking toilet - DISGUSTING). It's fixed now and to my complete peace of mind, they cut away the "roach bubble".

After the "roach bubble" debacle, I met up with Glitter and our normal Sunday bartender (she has Sundays off until August) for brunch / day drinking! We stayed in the hood, doing brunch just up the street and then drinks at her normal bar, the food court, and then our local. I stumbled home around 7 pm. And ordered in Pho which I downed in like 1 bite. Awesome sauce.

Today, T25 Beta starts and I'm a nervous wreck about it. I did 2 rounds of Alpha and am still terrified to start Beta. I think this is going to hurt beyond what I can comprehend.

Then grocery shopping. Then writing.

This week I plan on taking it easy. I'm touring a new building in the neighborhood with AA tomorrow and that's the full extent of my plans thus far.

Happy first truly hot day of summer!


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