Sunday, June 14, 2015

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Soooooo.... I'm a shitty blogger, no? Yes. Yes, I am.

Things have been trucking along in NYC land. Not a lot of excitement. Yay. Yay for you. Getting to read about my boring life.

1) All things related to the books
1a) I was rejected by the publisher I like. Boo, you whores. But it was expected, completely. They told me my book didn't fit inline with what they are looking to publish, and it's true (based on what they've already published). It still sucked though. I whined for a few days about it and then put on my big girl shoes, and hired an editor for it. That book will be back from the editor in mid-July (she picks it up mid-July and will finish it in 1 week) and then I'll self-publish the week after that.
1b) I just finished (last week) my 5th book. I'm in the midst of my third read-through of it and will have that completed tomorrow. Then I'm off to freelancer to hire me an editor from there. That book should be self-published by the beginning of July.
1c) The very first book I ever wrote I'm going to revisit after I send the book in 1b off to the editor. There is a niche genre that's pretty popular on Amazon (a bit of a fetish genre) and my book in 1b fits into that category. Blondie had an idea last night (after 4 bottles of wine, holla!) on how I can modify the very first book to fit into that category as well. So that's next on my chopping block.
1d) A non-sex book! I have an idea, a good one, for a non-sex book. While I'm modifying 1c, I'm going to start work on that as well. I think it might help me write better/faster if I don't have to concentrate on one thing at a time. I've *always* been a multi-tasker and *always* felt so much better at work when I had a billion things that were urgent/critical and needed attention ASAP. So I have NO IDEA why I haven't tried to write more than one book at a time before now. Eee-dyot.

2) All things related to Tigga
He's still puking and pooping all over our apartment. I'm dreading the next visit with the oncologist (in about 3 weeks). I think Blondie and I might have some tough choices to make going forward. Don't panic people. It's not time to discuss "the end" yet. It's just time to discuss "do we put him through more procedures so we can figure out why he's sick all the time?" And "do we alter his chemo yet again to see if that helps?" And "how many times can we visit the vet before Tigga rebels and attacks us in our sleep?" ;)

3) All things related to Blondie
He LOVES his new job. He has been out for so many happy hours since he started (making friends like crazy, that's my guy!) He loved his old job as well, but this job, he has so many friends already that we just 100% know Blondie made the right decision.

4) All things related to all other things
4a) I'm through week 4 of round 2 of T25 Alpha and I want to seriously hurt Shaun T on a daily basis. It's not gotten any easier because I'm getting seriously stronger and pushing myself that much more. I'm holding myself in plank so much better than before. I'm able to hold myself in lunges and squats. My push-ups are through the roof. My pants are falling off. TMI but my bras fit once again. Basically, I love T25 when I'm done for the day but I hate it when I'm doing it. And don't get me started on how long it takes to actually hit play after I put the disc into the DVD player. Week 5 starts tomorrow and that's 3 days of Full Body Circuit which is the bane of my existence.
4b) I've been the grocery shopping and cooking queen lately. Blondie works a LOT of hours at his new job so I've taken on ownership of all the grocery shopping and meal preparation. I've found some awesome recipes online and try to have something tasty and healthy (read: vegetables, ingredient swap for lower calories, that kind of crap) for every meal. On tap for this week includes: Shredded chicken tacos, Homemade cobb salad, Chicken/green bean/stuffing in a slow cooker, Andouille sausage and peppers.
4c) I'm also doing all the cleaning and laundry. While I don't mind cooking, I'd rather pluck each hair from my body individually than clean the bathroom.
4d) I've been going out a lot lately with friends since Blondie is at work or at happy hours in the evenings. It's been pretty nice. We generally stay at our local, but the other week, AA and I met some random people at the bar and joined them for "all you can bowl" night at the bowling alley. We stayed out until almost one in the morning. Good times. And Glitter and I trucked to the UWS to see a friend of mine do a burlesque show a few weeks ago. Afterward, we hit up a french restaurant in that area and ate approximately five pounds of cheese and drank 30 gallons of wine.
4e) Friends from old jobs! A friend from my last job who worked full-time not from the office made an appearance in NYC a few weeks ago. And a friend from *three* jobs ago who I haven't seen in 4 years made an appearance in NYC this past week. It was so great seeing them both!

5) All things related to fucking sappiness
5a) Glitter's brother passed away unexpectedly in a motorcycle wreck last weekend. He was in his twenties. I don't have a lot to say and I'm not trying to make this event in any way related to me, but life is short people. Tell the people you love that you love them while you still can.
5b) I love you, Blondie! Last night was a blast - I love being able to talk our way through movies, discuss why time slows down when the gravity field is stronger, scream "Get in the ship, you asshole!" at the same time to characters in said movie, order in wine when we run out, order in tacos three hours later because the wine killed all our resistance to not eating bad, and then pass out to Total Recall.

And that is all. KDawg outtie.

Oh! I finally joined instagram. My profile is kjlynn. I don't have any pictures up yet, but will be using that going forward to post fun times from NYC. So there's that.


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