Tuesday, June 30, 2015

La La La


Not a lot happened last week. I felt like hermit-ing myself, so I did. For the most part.

Last Tuesday, I trucked on out and met up with AA to tour the new building in the hood. It was... ok? Like a nice building and all, but soooo not worth what they were asking. I've lived in NYC for 5+ years now and I know NYC prices. And I still almost laughed when they told us the rents for the new place. One of their perks was the 70,000 sq ft amenity space. Great. What will be in the amenity space? That seems like a reasonable question, right? Not really sure, was the answer. A gym. That people who don't live in the building will be allowed to join (which means, crowded at all times). Some retail space. Don't know what will be in that retail space. Square footage of the apartments we saw? Eh, the developer hasn't released that info yet. To which I say, bullshit my good sir. Of course they've released that info. You're signing people up to move-in in September. You just don't remember what the square footage of the apartment was and instead of just saying that, you're trying to deflect.

Deflection and constantly being late to things are my two biggest pet peeves.

Wow. Rant much?

Okay, so after building tour, AA said to call him around noon and me, him and Glitter could go to lunch. I texted him at 12:30 and he had already ordered in. LOL. So Glitter and I trucked up the street to a bar in our hood and it turns out that they brought back cheese-whiz. All the yes in the world. Cheese-whiz buffalo chicken nachos and 3 pints of beer were in order.

Tuesday night, I popped back to our local for a single beer. Glitter and Heinie had friends in from England so I wanted to meet them. I didn't feel like drinking though at that point (drinking at the bar earlier in the day? Yes please. Taking a break and then trying to get back into it? Wasn't happening).

Thursday, I got my book back from the editor. It looked really good. I'm happy I went the route I went. Her comments were lovely as well (seriously, not sarcastically), so Blondie and I had a celebration night and put down a few sixers. At least we ate healthy.

On Friday day, I suffered through two T25 Beta disks on a hangover. I thought I was going to puke, and not just from the excess alcohol in my system. On Friday night, Blondie went out with some of his coworkers but I had a massive allergy attack so instead of going to the local, I just stayed in and sneezed.

Saturday, while Blondie nursed a hangover (another LOL - Blondie hungover while I'm feeling completely fine), I putzed around the apartment all day. We met up with the whole group on Saturday night at the local for a few hours. It was the first time Blondie had been out with them in forever.

Sunday, the weather was still shit (it poured rain on Saturday night), so I watched TV all day. Glitter texted around 5 pm and I ended up meeting up with her and my English gf for a drink at a fancy cocktail place in the hood. I only had a few cocktails there and then headed back on home where we ordered in Mexican for dinner.

This week has been lame-o. I grocery shopped yesterday and the local farmer's market finally had decent shit to buy. It's been a complete miss the last three times I've gone. Like stuff completely out, an entire table empty, no lettuce whatsoever, moldy mushrooms, no bell peppers, so I had gotten pissed and taken a few weeks off. Yesterday it was back to what I expect! YAY! And they had OKRA! YAY!

Today I did some more grocery shopping and am in the middle of making cinnamon roles for Blondie to take to work tomorrow. I had to borrow a rolling pin from Glitter which makes me laugh. I *used* to have one. I guess it's been so long since I've actually baked that we probably threw it out when we moved from SF to NYC. I've also got garlic honey sausages in the crockpot for dinner. And I'm officially beat now.

T25 Beta has kicked my ass but I'm still struggling through it everyday. Like I could've done 10 rounds of Alpha and still not be ready for Beta. The worst for me is the Cardio day (which was today). I don't know. I get to the "shuffle" part of the workout and my body just shuts down. I sweat so bad it shows up in droplets on my FINGERS. WTF?

In other good news, I released my first book on Sunday morning. It hit #500 on Amazon's erotica bestseller list which means... absolutely nothing. It sounds good, but really, it means nothing. Their algorithm is weird. I'm happy to give the title / my pseudonym out to people that want to look at the book, but I will only do that after I warn you what the content is about. It's a niche fetish and it can be quite "gross" if you're not into that scene. There's nothing like physically gross about it (no golden showers, no poop stuff, no necrophilia, etc - NOTHING LIKE THIS AT ALL), but it can be very squeamish / icky reading if you're not into what it's about.

My second (erotica - different fetish than the first one I released but still dealing with a fetish) book should be released about three weeks from now. And the next book I'm going to publish (same fetish as the one I just released) is about 1/3rd of the way through.

I was excited about it all but now I'm mostly just... eh. It took a lot out of me - writing every day, finding an editor, actually editing it after the editor was done, finding a book cover designer, all the account setup, formatting, author page setup... I know I sound like a baby. I'll just leave it at that. I am SO grateful for what I've been able to do thanks to Blondie supporting me. And I'm SO grateful that as of this moment, I have no bad reviews (no good ones either but I'll take that).

And with that, I'm off to finish the cinnamon rolls.


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