Thursday, October 04, 2007

Needing a pick-me-up.

No, this blog post won't be about beer (whoa!). Or about drinking (double whoa!). Or about the bar (whoa whoa whoa!)

I'm not having a good day. In the spirit of what they teach us in yoga, I'm trying to distract my mind from what is going on. I'm going to do that by saying my 1 favorite memory about each person in my family.

The Cutest Kid In the World: When your grandma took the fake powder-puff and puffed your face and you would get all whiney and look like you were about to cry. I laughed myself sick over that.

Mr. Pooh: I wasn't there for this, but you sent me email afterwards, which made me laugh myself sick (anyone see the pattern about these memories?). The email involved a Vanilla Ice song, a dance off in front of a bar, and a bucket o' booze (I can talk booze here b/c it didn't involve me).

Mrs. Pooh: Driving back from UK in your car (Mr Pooh was driving) and you stuck your finger up his nose. Before I started laughing myself sick, I remember something along the lines of "I'll get your boogies."

Brother R: Of course - Havasu. Specifically, trying to get you to jump off the cliff. I laughed myself sick, especially when those guys started asking if you wanted your mom sent up to help you. (Another favorite memory of mine involves Maui - but that also involved booze, which I promised not to talk about).

Shugs: 2 words: apple martinis. ;) I won't say anything else.

Sis: For some reason, I'm stuck on 1 time in college when we went through the drive-thru at McD's, order a shit-ton of food, had it super-sized, and then asked for Diet Coke's. You and I laughed ourselves sick, and could barely pull the car around to get our stuff.

Mom: Honestly, the time when we were playing cards and you asked "You know when you fart and it comes out the front? What's that called?". I laughed myself sick (literally I think). Oh god. I honestly thought I would have a heart attack that night b/c I couldn't catch my breath.

Dad: "Andrew, this is the Lord. Buy your kids pizza." And you always did. It's amazing how easy it was to get pizza out of you.

Blondie: All of them. But in particular, the night we went to see a movie in Texas, and then decided to stay out, just you and me. We ended up talking all night long about "Things that don't suck", and came up with a brilliant business plan, before heading over to BellBottoms to listen to Le Freak (and watch that crazy old lady dancer). Perfection!


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