Monday, October 01, 2007

Pop quiz time. Get your pencils ready.

1) If MSU and University of Wisconsin play each other in football, who wins?
a) MSU
b) University of Wisconsin
c) Was there a game on? I was too busy running back and forth for more beer.

2) You are at the bar on Sunday. You start drinking early. The bartender buys you many many drinks (you meaning yourself, Blondie and random new friend we met there). Then said bartender buys you a shot of Jameson's. Do you:
a) drink it!
b) politely decline b/c you can't stand whiskey!
c) excuse yourself, go to the bathroom, relieve yourself of excess booze (i.e. vom), go back to the bar, and do the shot of Jameson's!

3) After the bar, you are on your way home. You both are super intoxicated. You need food! What do you eat?
a) Burger Meister! A hearty meal is just the thing to sop up all the extra booze.
b) Pizza! A heart meal is just the thing to stop up all the extra booze.
c) Hummus/pita bread, chips and salsa! Because you are too out of it to realize you need a hearty meal to sop up all the extra booze.

Answers: 1) Trick question: both b and c; 2) c obviously; 3) c obviously.

Obviously, it was a good weekend. There was more than drinking done. On Saturday, Blondie and I both went for a run. I did a half-half-marathon (6.55 miles) to time myself to double that so that I could have an estimate of what I will do for my real half marathon (13.1 miles). It was okay. Definitely not good, but not as bad as I thought either. We also made it to a friend's house on Saturday night to hang out for awhile.

And we managed to celebrate our anniversary in the midst of it all! Blondie took me to a sushi restaurant (my favorite sushi restaurant) for dinner on Thurs night. Unfortunately, I went vegetarian a couple of weeks ago so fish is out. Fortunately, their vegetable rolls and veggie Udon rock the house! Love you Blondie!


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