Monday, October 15, 2007

A visit...

The KY visit was this past weekend. WE HAD A BLAST!!! I seriously did NOT want to come back to SF. I'm on serious sleep deprivation right now BTW - so if this blog makes no sense, that's why.

Flew all night on Thurs night, landed in KY on Friday. We were met by Mr Pooh, and mom and sis. Specifically, we were met by Mr Pooh doing jumping jacks, and mom and sis laughing their asses off.

Blondie rode with Mr Pooh to pick up Sliders (White Castle hamburgers to the lay person), and mom, sis and I hit The Pooh's home to visit with Mrs Pooh and The Cutest Kid in the World. We all went for lunch, before I collapsed from lack of sleep on Mr Pooh's carpet.

Brother R woke me up with a phone call, and then we were off and running. The beer drinking started. The revelry started. The card playing started. And then it was 11 pm, and Blondie and I were dead.

We got up the next morning at 5:30 am (this is all ET, and it makes me cry a bit) to go see Mr Pooh get his MBA degreee! And his President's Cup Award! We ended up sleeping again that afternoon on Mr Pooh's carpet (once again), before the UK game started.

Then it was time to drink beer, and watch the Wildcats beat up on LSU! We ended up at Brother R's house, enjoying his new deck and his beer fridge, and listening to the fireworks they exploded after UK won the game.

On Sunday, we had a layover in our old stomping ground. We spent the 2.5 hours watching the Packers play at the airport bar, getting drunk, and striking up random conversations with the people around us.

I am so tired today I can hardly see straight. And it's only 2 pm. And it's only Monday.

Thank you L-Clan for everything this weekend. We had so much fun and it was killer to leave on Sunday! Congrats Mr Pooh!!!!


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